It sneaks up on some people. Others can't wait for it to

arrive. Back-to-school season is here, and it just feels right to get more serious about learning when it’s September.

That's why our NetSuite Training RoadShow

couldn't be better-timed, and why we want to make sure NetSuite administrators,

controllers, and power users know they can channel their educational energies

into an engaging, productive and social two-day program.

The first stop of the RoadShow is on September 12 and 13 in

Los Angeles. The next stop on the tour is Chicago on September 19 and 20. The

Chicago event is close to capacity, but there are still seats available in those


We designed our classroom training to strike the right

balance between individualized attention and rich opportunities for peer-to-peer

learning and networking. We're sending the best in the business to guide you

through some of NetSuite's most popular and powerful features: our expert instructors

Jennifer Weiss, Russell Cull, Mike Hikel, Mark Nickolaou, and Bruce Tanenholtz.

The "school day" is eight hours long, including a one hour lunch—and

with our amazing and personable trainers leading the way, you'll wonder where

the time went.

In Chicago, we are offering one course in SuiteAnalytics

and one course in SuiteFlow:

SuiteAnalytics: Reports and


  • Learn

    how to format search results, add filtering options, and highlight critical

    information so it is obvious

SuiteFlow: Workflow Fundamentals

  • Learn

    how to automate the creation of tasks, phone calls and other records to

    streamline your business processes

Once our trainers pack their bags in Chicago, they'll travel

to the next stops on the North American tour: San Francisco, October 10 and 11,

and New York, October 24 and 25. The North American tour concludes in Miami, December

4 and 5.

Need more convincing? Breakfast, beverages and snacks are

included in the tuition price! More seriously, how about professional credits? Accountants,

controllers, CFOs and everyone else in the finance department with a

certification to maintain knows their continuing professional education (CPE)

requirement. Several NetSuite training courses, including the two

SuiteAnalytics programs offered during our RoadShow, are accredited by NASBA.

This makes attending the RoadShow an excellent way to take NetSuite skills to

the next level while earning a significant amount of CPE credit!

Working with you at the RoadShow is only part of our

back-to-school wish. Learning is, after all, a year-long and life-long

occupation. NetSuite Education Advisor, Kerman Camacho, is available for free

one-on-one consultations to create a comprehensive training plan for your

unique community of NetSuite users. His Education

Needs Assessments have helped companies improve their

understanding and command of NetSuite. Kerman is taking appointments now. Reach

out to him at

If you hear a bell ringing, it means class is in session.

See you at the NetSuite Training RoadShow!