Ecommerce is radically different from yesterday’s

digital storefront. It has quickly become a multi-faceted, increasingly

powerful spectrum of tools and technologies that distributors must have to

remain competitive and relevant in today’s challenging business environment.

When I joined

NetSuite almost three years ago and assumed responsibility of marketing for the

wholesale distribution and manufacturing verticals, I realized how important it

was for wholesale distribution companies to transform their infrastructure in order to keep up

with the fast-changing market.

In that time,

we’ve already started to see some of those changes. According to an online

survey by Modern Distribution Management of more than 150 professionals in

wholesale distribution and manufacturing conducted last year, 35 percent of

respondents plan to improve their Ecommerce capabilities to drive

revenue growth in the next year. Additionally, Ecommerce and Customer

Relationship Management (CRM) were both listed as priorities

for the next 12 months by 44 percent of respondents.

I shared some of

my thoughts and the experiences of our customers in a guest blog post on how wholesale distributors can level the playing field with technology. It resulted

from an interview I did with UnleashWD, the only innovation summit

created for the wholesale distribution industry. The post coincides with a webinar “Bringing Your Distribution Company Into the

Digital Age.” that focuses on how non-traditional

competitors such as Google and Amazon are using technology to reach customers

and how distributors need to innovate and turn to new markets to compete. As

covered in a previous UnleashWD webinar “Preparing for Google Entry into

Distribution,” these global organizations are looking to dominate the

lucrative B2B Ecommerce market

that’s expected to quickly dwarf that of the B2C market.

-Ranga Bodla, Director, Industry Marketing,

Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing at NetSuite