What are the biggest concerns retailers are faced with as the holidays are quickly approaching?  This is the question Tim Parry of Multichannel Merchant asked Branden Jenkins, our very own GM of Etail and retail solutions within this one-on-one video interview

During the interview, Branden shared his thoughts on what retailers need to do to meet the needs of today’s consumers who expect to be able to seamlessly shop everywhere, anywhere and anytime – what he refers to as “delivering on the omnichannel promise.”

To do this, Branden suggests leveraging strategies such as advanced fulfillment where retailers are able to manage and leverage inventory across all retail locations and distribution centers and equipping sales associates in stores with the knowledge and tools they need to increase and save sales.

Among other topics, Branden also discussed how the Marketplace Fairness Act, a topic he has written about in the past, will be extremely disruptive for retailers and what they will need to do to address the challenges it will likely create.

Watch the full video below!