Now that we have this wonderful blog going, wouldn't it be great if you could view all the latest posts from within your NetSuite application?

NetSuite dashboards allow you to display key data and content from within the application and from external sources so that you can get a real-time snapshot of everything about your business. With a few clicks, the RSS dashboard portlet allows content from any source that has RSS feeds to show up in NetSuite.

Here's a quick walk-through to set it up:

  • On the NetSuite home page dashboard, simply click the "Customize this Page" link and drag and drop an RSS Feed portlet from the "Add Content" panel.
  • Click "Setup" on the portlet to provide details about the feed. By default NetSuite offers feeds from Reuters, CNN, Market Watch, and others.
  • Select the "Custom" option for the "Source" dropdown and paste/type the feed URL for this blog (/blog/rss.xml).
  • You can also set the number of RSS links to display in the portlet and indicate whether you would like to view the feed details or just the links.
  • Click "Save."

All set to view this blog content in your NetSuite application. Enjoy!!