Advertising is a highly creative -- and highly competitive -- field.  A quality campaign can make or break an advertising agency's reputation, but it won't keep it in business unless that agency also knows how to manage their team, hit deadlines, adhere to tight budgets, and give clients the visibility into the status of their projects that they crave.

Fortunately, most of this operational side of advertising can be handled by cloud-based, Services Resource Planning (SRP) software.  

How can cloud-based SRP software solve ad agencies woes? One factor that cloud software share is that they are collaborative and easily accessible. Any advertising firm can take advantage of talent regardless of their location by providing a platform that all can share. This widens the talent pool by enabling the workers to work collaboratively by sharing files and project timelines.   

Specifically, an upcoming NetSuite for Advertising Companies product demo, will demonstrate how NetSuite’s cloud-based platform helps overcome advertising’s four main challenges:

  • Labor costs and productivity. There are a lot of labor costs that go into developing creative ad campaigns. Resource management software in NetSuite provides dashboards, metrics and alerts to help executives keep tabs on employee productivity and maximize the available staff. Knowing which employees are available to take on more work, and how much, helps reduce labor costs.
  • On-time project delivery. By enabling everyone to see what is needed, when, and by whom, the odds of missing a deadline become much lower. NetSuite’s dashboards display information sorted by date, client, project, and author, so people in different roles can show the information in the way that works best for them.
  • Client and brand visibility. NetSuite software provides your team with the visibility into the status of current and past projects with metrics like budget burn rates and campaign profitability.
  • High technology costs. The cost of purchasing and maintaining hardware and software to manage all of an ad company’s projects, clients and accounts is substantial. According to the Yankee Group, the total cost of ownership of cloud-based software is 77% less than on-premise software. Likewise, because the software is cloud-based, employees on Mac or PC’s in different locations can access the same files and collaborate over the Internet. That frees the company from having to implement different systems for geographically dispersed locations.

The NetSuite for Advertising demo illustrates how NetSuite's end-to-end SRP cloud-based
software can  make life easier for ad professionals by showing agencies how to monitor the rate at which they’re burning through each project's budget, and viewing the key phases of campaign delivery.

-Chris Hering Industry Manager, Advertising, Media