There are a lot more options for navigating NetSuite OpenAir for Professional Services Automation (PSA) today, thanks to a redesign that includes visual aids, and more options for customizing dashboards and your OpenAir PSA home page. 
Three key categories of changes to the interface are:

Mix and Match Portlets. Portlets, used to contain active elements such as a chart with real-time data, message boards, or daily reminders, can now be added to the home page. This enables users to turn their home pages into personalized dashboards. Multiple portlets can be displayed on the same page so users can create more dynamic pages dedicated to specific topics or projects. The portlets can also be collapsed, expanded, resized or moved around so that the end user can adjust the view to his/her preferences.

Global Create Button to Create Content on One Click. Global Create button—pre-programmed shortcuts for common tasks associated with a user's job role—now appear on every page so that the user can easily jump to a task without having to back out of their page view. Global Create buttons enable such actions as creating projects, employees, invoices and the like, depending on the person's role.

Visuals and Colors. The new look also includes more colors in the design, including color coding in lists and a visual progress bar for projects and tasks, so a person can see at a glance how a project or task is progressing.

The overall goal of this latest redesign is to make navigation easier and more intuitive for users, such as by grouping related tasks together in sidebars and context-sensitive. The new look is available for new and existing customers now in NetSuite OpenAir PSA.

Deborah Kwan, Senior Product Manager, NetSuite OpenAir