At NetSuite’s SuiteWorld conference in May, the

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution team officially kicked off its Customer

Advisory Board. Twelve individuals were hand-selected to represent a variety of

wholesale distribution sub-verticals as well as organizational roles. The

intent was to formulate a body of individuals who can serve as a strategic

sounding board to help move the wholesale distribution business of NetSuite to

the next level.

At the beginning of August, this group met for two

days in San Francisco to begin its ongoing advisory mission and contribute to

the strategic direction of NetSuite in guiding the best options for serving WD

customers now and in the future. Committed to a two-year term, WD CAB members

were joined at the San Francisco meeting by the NetSuite WD team, comprised of

leads in the functional areas of product management, professional services,

support, client services, marketing, account management and sales.

The purpose of this event was to receive collective

feedback across the board from outside stakeholders with a vision for their

companies and the WD industry as a whole. NetSuite received feedback on the

interpretation of the macro environment, insights into what causes business

complexity and learning what product features NetSuite should direct its focus to

over the next few years. 

Part of the exercise was to have these customers play

product manager and review numerous potential enhancement requests and

prioritize them. When they looked beyond their own company’s requirements,

they appreciated the challenge of meeting all the needs of a diverse group of

companies, even if centered on distributing goods to their customers.

The WD CAB also discussed what other services could be

provided, how NetSuite can better support our customers and whether additional

partner providers should be added to further complement the NetSuite solution

for WD.

Going forward, the WD CAB and NetSuite team will have

regular follow-up meetings to track progress, gain further insights and to

identify any new trends for the future. 

NetSuite is excited to take this next step with our

customers and we look forward to the continued strategic guidance of this

select group for the next few years to come.

- Steven

Bisset, VME, Wholesale Distribution