The past year was a big one for NetSuite and the coming year promises to be even bigger. In the spirit of the season, some of NetSuite’s executives took a look back at 2012 and a look ahead at 2013.

NetSuite’s Channel Moves Upstream

This was a real bellwether year for traditional, on-premise Solution Providers to move to the NetSuite cloud, with Blytheco setting the tone early, and many significant firms/VAR100 firms following.

Meanwhile, the gross failures of our competitors to address the changing market and buyer dynamics continue to fuel our growth.

If 2012 taught us one thing, it’s that our competitors don’t understand how the world is changing, but our customers do. My perception of overall end-customer market readiness was buoyed by our Latin America trip, and seeing first-hand how our customers in Mexico, Brazil and Peru are growing and thriving with NetSuite. If it works there, it will work anywhere!

The next year promises more of the same, only bigger and better. We’ll see more partners, not only signing up, but those partners we signed in 2012 transacting in a big way. I expect more velocity in customer wins, particularly in Latin America and abroad, and more customers not just evaluating cloud solutions, but demanding them.

-Craig West, VP of Channel Sales

NetSuite’s Charitable Arm Takes off

It’s hard to believe how much we were able to achieve at this year, and we’re looking forward to continuing that momentum in 2013. This year, nearly 100 nonprofits and social enterprises joined our grantee community. This means that over 300 organizations around the world are using NetSuite to fuel their missions through our donation program. It’s been especially gratifying to hear about the major efficiencies that NetSuite has brought to these organizations; the ease with which they are now able to access data that used to be locked inside of a series of programs and spreadsheets.

Last year also saw us launch two employee programs – SuiteImpact Teams and SuiteVolunteers – and double-down on our commitment to provide opportunities
for our employees to give back to both the local and global communities. This holiday season, our global SuiteImpact Teams have channeled their passion and creativity into projects to support those in need around the world. We’re looking forward to getting our pro bono program, SuiteVolunteers, up and running in January. Grantees can apply to be a part of the program between now and January 8!  

-David Geilhufe, Program Manager

Wholesale Distribution Continues its Transformation

It was another major year of transformation in the wholesale distribution industry with distributors continuing to need to constantly evolve their business. Major announcements, such as Amazon Supply, mean that distributors need to evolve their businesses and be more than the lowest cost supplier. Next year will be the year that forward-looking distributors adopt and deploy eCommerce as a way to further differentiate themselves in an ever-competitive market.

Additionally, this was the year businesses realize that sometimes jet fuel is costlier than people.  Logistics and enabling IT are key to long-term success.  

-Ranga Bodla and Roman Bukary, Director, Industry Marketing, Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing and GM, Manufacturing & Wholesale Distribution Industry Verticals

On the Road with NetSuite Training

In 2012, the SuiteTraining team went on the road for the first time with the NetSuite Training RoadShow. We visited eight cities in four months worldwide.

Because of such a positive response from our students, we are continuing the Training RoadShow in 2013. To reach more of our customers, we will be visiting even more cities worldwide. The first stops of Training RoadShow 2013 are San Mateo and Dallas. More cities will be announced soon!

-Dave Schock, Manager, Curriculum Development, NetSuite Education Services