Posted by Craig West, Senior Vice President of Channel Sales, NetSuite

What makes a good channel partner? I explored this question in great lengths way-back in 2002 when we launched the NetSuite Solution Provider Program. We didn’t want to partner with just any company. We wanted to work with the best, most innovative, customer focused, and nimble companies. But what are the criteria that brings a solution provider into that category? 

Here are the keys we look for in any potential NetSuite solution provider partner.

Competency. Do they have a particular industry focus or area of strength? How many years of business application experience do they bring in those areas? A partner with expertise complimentary to your solution can work marvels for joint clients, and a partner in a unique industry space can introduce new opportunities that would have otherwise been left unexplored.

Coverage. Fifty partners covering the same geography and/or the same industry doesn’t come close to achieving the desired outcomes.  Partners whose go-to-market strategies compliment both yours and other partners in your program regarding geographic and industry coverage create the ideal environment for success.  

Client portfolio. What types of companies are they helping achieve their software vision? Is there a legacy customer base that can be mined to yield those crucial first wins, and to supplement the new customer acquisition strategy with on-going conversions?  The current client portfolio of a partner is very important. It validates the partner’s track record of success, and trusted-advisor status with their customers.  

Commitment. You can never underestimate the value of the partner who’s prepared to invest to win vs. investing to simply not lose. Building a new practice is never easy, but the commitment to go “all-in” dramatically increases the likelihood of mutual success, both short-term and long-term.  

A good solution provider partner brings a combination of industry and product expertise, a team with certified skills, a robust and diverse client list, and operates in a location or industry that should drive incremental mutual value out of the relationship. 

To date, we have grown the NetSuite Solution Provider Program to over 350 channel partners… and it is with great excitement that I congratulate 23 of those partners, who fulfill these traits and more, for being listed in Accounting Today’s 2016 VAR 100 list.


NetSuite Partner on Accounting Today's 2016 VAR 100












Chicago, Ill.






Tampa, Fla.






Naperville, Ill.






New York, N.Y.






Milwaukee, Wisc.






Columbus, Ohio




SWK Technologies


Livingston, N.J.






Laguna Hills, Calif.




BAASS Business Solutions


Thornhill, Ont.




Eide Bailly


Fargo, N.D.




Broadpoint Technologies


Bethesda, Md.




FMT Consultants


Carlsbad, Calif.




The TM Group


Farmington Hills, Mich.




Explore Consulting


Bellevue, Wash.




New York, N.Y.




BCS ProSoft


San Antonio, Texas




GURUS Solutions






WAC Solution Partners


Northborough, Mass.










Business Solution  Partners


New York, N.Y.






Madison, Wisc.




Sererra Information  Systems


Newport Beach, Calif.




Faye Business Systems  Group


Woodland Hills, Calif.



These partners serve as prime examples of what an ideal solution provider partner should look like, and we commend them on their success with NetSuite and look forward to continuing to thrive together. 

Read this data sheet to learn more about partnering with NetSuite.