I love my job! As part of NetSuite.org, NetSuite’s Corporate Citizenship Program, I get the chance to support NetSuite employees to give back in their local community. Sometimes this “giving back” takes the form of a small group activity planned by local ambassadors, and other times an entire department will decide that they want to get together as a team to volunteer.

On a recent Saturday morning, 47 employees from NetSuite’s Support Team in Manila visited the residents of San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly as part of a team offsite activity. Run by the Little Sisters of the Poor, San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly provides a meals and safe place to live for low-income seniors in Manila.

While there, volunteers socialized with residents and joined them for a meal. The volunteers also donated food and various supplies to the organization and even prepared a short presentation to entertain the residents.

“We are so lucky to be given the chance to experience such a fulfilling day with colleagues that is in no way related to our usual office responsibilities. We didn’t just make the elderly happy, we were also able to bond as a team in ways regular team lunches or outings cannot do. I am definitely looking forward to our next team building activity,” said Mark Dela Cruz, Customer Support Manager at NetSuite.

NetSuite’s team offsites, planned by NetSuite.org, provide excellent opportunities for employees to develop leadership skills and develop camaraderie with their team. Thank you to the Support Team for brightening the day of residents at San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly and for showing the collective power when a group of passionate employees gives back to their local community.

For more information on our corporate citizenship programs, please visit NetSuite.org.