The past year was a busy and exciting one for and our grantees – with a lot of highlights. We launched our official employee volunteer programs – SuiteImpact Teams and SuiteVolunteers – brought on new team members Tricia and Mike, and grew along with the company.

Our SuiteImpact Teams, which create and execute hands-on volunteer projects around the world for NetSuite employees ran over 75 events last year – supporting charities and schools in their local communities. These events ranged from classroom remodels to charity trivia nights and comedy shows!

Meanwhile, the SuiteVolunteers, our dedicated corps of employees providing pro bono support to nonprofits around the world offered 17 different types of projects, and took on nearly 80 projects for 60 grantees. Each SuiteVolunteer team worked over the course of a quarter to complete the scoped project in partnership with their partner organization. In 2013, nearly 200 volunteers worked on pro bono engagements!

The cornerstone of our corporate citizenship has always been providing the NetSuite product as a donation to nonprofits and social enterprises. With this donation, which includes the mid-market edition of the software, silver level support and five user licenses, we’ve been able to provide support and technology to power more than 400 organizations around the world! Hitting the 400 mark this year was a big achievement for us – and has led us to create a new goal of exponentially growing this number over 2014. We know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of organizations out there that could benefit from this software donation and our additional discounts.

The ultimate goal of our corporate citizenship is to enable organizations to focus their resources more directly in service of their missions – education, global water sustainability, advocacy for the disabled, anti-poverty and anti-hunger programs, and many others – by improving internal efficiencies, reducing IT and administrative costs, and improving transparency and accountability to donors and stakeholders.

These organizations, referred to collectively as our “grantees” also receive additional support from the team. Discounts on additional products, discounted admission to our annual SuiteWorld Customer Conference (May 12-15 2014 in San Jose!) and pro bono support from our employees through our SuiteVolunteers program.

One of the best parts about running these programs are seeing the incredible gains that our grantees achieve. They are each accomplishing a tremendous amount and making a huge impact. We are proud to be able to do our small part to help them realize a wide variety of efficiency gains including:

  • Increasing efficiency and productivity. grantees have dramatically reduced the time and expense required for routine management of their organizations, eliminating manual processes and freeing valuable resources to pursue programs that better benefit their mission.
  • Reallocating expenses. grantees save a minimum of $35,000 per year, allowing them to reallocate those expenses to mission critical work. Some grantees use savings to address chronic underinvestment in overhead, including technology and supporting long-term sustainability. Others invest savings directly in program expenses while expanding their social impact.
  • Driving ecommerce revenue. grantees that use the NetSuite SuiteCommerce web platform sell products and services online, accept funding from donors and build engaging, collaborative social communities.
  • Optimizing project and grant initiatives. Real-time visibility into budgets vs. actuals enables grantees to make data-driven decisions on the best projects to pursue, optimizing impact and avoiding the bad decision making that can result from outdated or contradictory information.
  • Increasing fundraising effectiveness. With NetSuite CRM, organizations achieve a 360-degree view of their constituents, increasing donations from individuals and institutions, improving accountability and building long-lasting relationships.
  • Accelerating growth. Using NetSuite, grantees are scaling their operations to more regions and reaching more beneficiaries and geographies, capitalizing on real-time visibility, flexibility and cloud mobility.
  • Streamlining global operations. Multinational nonprofits use the NetSuite OneWorld global business solution for visibility and management of international offices, taking advantage of global financial consolidation and multi-currency transactions for operations abroad.

To learn more about NetSuite’s corporate citizenship programs, or apply for a donation, please visit To read case studies of organizations using NetSuite through our donation program, please visit

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