Why did we collaborate with Wiley to publish NetSuite For Dummies, when ease of use and minimal training time are two of NetSuite's most valuable characteristics? We know that a number of our customers buy a copy for all of their front-line employees who live and breathe NetSuite every day: the bookkeepers, AP/AR clerks and sales representatives at the heart of thousands of NetSuite-powered businesses.

Adapting to any new business solution can be overwhelming at first. Using the time-tested Dummies approach, our book offers a guided tour of NetSuite for business users. Several common business tasks are explained in a clear and concise manner. We wrote the book knowing that many users come to NetSuite with a long history working in systems such a QuickBooks and Great Plains, and our tutorials respect the experience readers bring to the table. After all, you understand how your business works – you just want to know how to run it more effectively with NetSuite.

The publication of NetSuite For Dummies coincided with an overhaul of the NetSuite user interface. Although we do make improvements to many screens and tabs with each release of NetSuite, all of the illustrations in the book are still relevant and applicable to users today.

But there’s more than one way to become a NetSuite expert. For a more comprehensive learning experience, sign up for NetSuite Training. NetSuite Training offers several courses that compliment many of the topics covered in NetSuite For Dummies. With training you have the added benefit of working with our experts and through hands-on exercises, you can practice what you learn before you apply your new knowledge to your own NetSuite account.

Additionally, our documentation professionals ensure that NetSuite's online help is extensive and exhaustive—and that's a good thing when you are working through a complex workflow, or need to get a customer issue resolved correctly the first time.

NetSuite For Dummies takes a task-oriented approach to learning NetSuite. The book doesn't always define every single field and button on every NetSuite screen as our on-line help does, but in just a few pages you can quickly learn how to process payments, cut checks, record sales activity and manage inventory.

That doesn't mean the book spends all its time in the shallow end of the pool. NetSuite For Dummies includes tips on advanced business operations such as recurring revenue and billing recognition, as well as reporting, dashboards, and even eCommerce setup.

Many NetSuite customers are committed to truly paperless offices. Not to worry. NetSuite For Dummies is also available from the publisher as an e-book.

NetSuite For Dummies won't tell you absolutely everything there is to know about NetSuite's extensive capabilities. But chances are good that it will tell you what you need to know right now. For the rest there’s SuiteTraining.

- Malin Huffman, Principal Product Manager at NetSuite & Dave Schock, Curriculum Development Manager at Netsuite