NetSuite employees have helped to drive some tremendous results this year supporting initiatives like the Hackathon 4Good and the SuiteFit 4Good which took place at SuiteWorld 2015. Today, we have new milestones to add to that list: more than 800 volunteers around the world rolled up their sleeves to give back as part of NetSuite’s first-ever Global Impact Week, volunteering more than 3,100 hours.

Taking place on Oct. 5 through 9, NetSuite employees across NetSuite’s 23 offices, from Singapore to Montevideo and Melbourne to Waterloo, volunteered the equivalent of 77 work weeks (at 40 hours a week) to nonprofits and causes in their local communities.

The giving did not stop there, as employee volunteers also planned 75 activities and donation drives throughout the week including tending to an urban organic garden in Chicago, collecting and sorting clothing for Dress for Success in Sydney, teaching kids to code in San Mateo and Waterloo, preparing meals for people in need in Boston and Toronto, taking care of shelter animals in Barcelona and Montevideo, building and painting homes for Habitat for Humanity in Manila and Durham, sorting food at local food banks in Houston, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Oklahoma City, a dart competition to raise funds for Syrian refugees in Brno, a ping pong tournament for charity in London, and more.

Global Impact Week was part of NetSuite’s SuiteImpact program, which engages NetSuite employees around the world in causes and year-round community service projects that matter to them. Since its founding in 2013, more than 4,000 NetSuite employees have volunteered, volunteering more than 15,000 hours.

Get a full view of the results from Global Impact Week below, and click here to check out photos from throughout the week.