Guest post by Glenn Griffin, VP Business Development and Channel Sales at DocuSign

Deals that use to take weeks have been cut down to minutes. “How?” you ask? A power-partnership known as DocuSign for NetSuite.

DocuSign helps customers close deals in minutes. Add NetSuite to the mix and processing time reaches record speeds. NetSuite users benefit from the DocuSign- NetSuite partnership with increased levels of efficiency. It allows NetSuite users to close deals within minutes by sending, signing, and processing electronic documents with a simple click of the “Send with DocuSign” button, a powerful tool for any sales software. Let’s dive into the perks of the integration.

Not only does DocuSign provide a legally binding audit trail of edits and signatures but it also offers a level of visibility never before available. DocuSign for NetSuite binds two industry-leading vendors of cloud-based platforms in a partnership that benefits both internal employees and external customers.

DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management (DTM) positions DocuSign functions completely within the NetSuite platform -- one place for all your business process.

Companies today are focused on the need to eliminate the analog process by incorporating an electronic flow of information. No longer do they need to stop the transaction process to print, fax, and deliver items.

For joint customers, having one system that is all encompassing is a game changer. Take a moment and think how much easier life would be if everything could be done in one tab rather than having dozens webpages cluttering your desktop.

The cherry on top of this unique partnership— the interface is clean and easy to navigate. DocuSign is fully integrated into NetSuite, just like “Send” is incorporated in your email homepage. This is one of only two third party products embedded into the internal NetSuite interface.