Posted by Tony Kontzer, Guest Blogger

One of the challenges business process outsourcers (BPO) face is meeting the needs of a wide range of client types. Delivering technology solutions to startups, enterprises and everything in between typically requires multiple solutions, meaning BPO firms have to acquire the resources and develop the expertise required to deliver and support a different technology platform for each client type.

NetSuite has taken a bold step to address this by introducing the NetSuite BPO Partner Program, giving BPO partners access to the full breadth of NetSuite's technologies, which are designed to be flexible and affordable enough to address the needs of businesses of all sizes and types.

The new program, which will enable companies to benefit from NetSuite without having to devote any internal resources to it, is expected to create a whole new channel for exposing NetSuite's technology to more companies, while also creating a potentially robust revenue stream for participating partners.

"We're very excited about this program," NetSuite COO Jim McGeever said during his keynote address at SuiteWorld 2014 on Thursday. "We think it's going to be a great driver of growth."

Several BPO partners have already signed up to participate, including Accretive Solutions, Arthur Lawrence, Bennett Thrasher, Capgemini, KDV, McGladrey and TempCFO. McGeever promised that NetSuite would continue to recruit more participants and that it's busy developing additional tools to support the program.

Brian Becker, national technology and management consulting leader with McGladrey, said in a statement that the NetSuite BPO Partner Program will enable McGladrey to more efficiently deliver BPO services to a wider array of clients.

"We see this new program as a game changer," Becker said. "Our clients will now have the opportunity to reap the same efficiencies and cost savings that have historically only been available to larger entities."

Meanwhile, Christine Dover, a research director at IDC, believes NetSuite's new program was a no-brainer of sorts.

"The combination of BPO and the cloud is a natural evolution of the market," Dover said. "Businesses can outsource their processes to BPO providers and BPO providers can turn to SaaS vendors to manage the IT infrastructure and software maintenance. The result is a scalable, efficient market that presents savings and agility for all sides with great prospects for growth."

Also during his keynote, McGeever announced that NetSuite was expanding its certification program, which has already certified 300 ERP consultants. The company will launch a SuiteCloud Developer certification for its cloud development platform next month, and in August, it will begin certifying administrators.

The BPO and certification announcements expand on NetSuite's aggressive partner strategy, which McGeever said already generates more business than any other cloud company, with 40 percent of NetSuite's business coming via its global network of more than 30 partners. It's a strategy that reflects companies' growing interest in turning to turnkey solutions that allow them to remain focused on their core businesses.

Of NetSuite's growing partner population, McGeever said: "They can provide that one-stop shop."