Posted by Kathy Zwickert, Chief People Officer, NetSuite

In business since 1998, NetSuite has won plenty of awards. Some reflect the depth and versatility of the software while others reflect the transformative results we help deliver to our customers. Others still, reflect the positive work environment we strive to create, maintain and improve upon.

Our most recent award reflects this latter award. Glassdoor, the job and recruiting marketplace, recently released a list of the 25 most highly rated public cloud computing companies. The results are based on the highest levels of satisfaction at work, according to employee feedback shared on Glassdoor. All of the companies on the list are business-to-business-focused companies and include approval ratings for the CEO.

Not surprisingly (to us anyway), many of the companies on this list are also NetSuite customers. A fast-growing, innovative and agile software company ourselves, many of our customers exhibit similar trends and are rewarded with happy, loyal employees.

One of the earliest “cloud only” companies on the list, we saw early on the transformative power of the cloud. That’s translated into customers who can leverage our platform to adapt to changing market conditions and employees who enjoy working with some smart, caring people at a company that is at the forefront of industry trends. It’s also a reflection of our dedication to social good through the organization and our competitive benefits.

Check out our Glassdoor page to see some of our employee reviews and check out our careers page to see if there’s a place for you.