Motolite Batteries, founded in 1919, offers a fast, easy and painless solution for Filipino motorists stuck with a failed battery.

Since the early 1990s, Motolite, one of the largest providers of automotive, motorcycle and industrial batteries in Asia Pacific, has offered a service called Express Hatid. A motorist with a bad battery can reach Motolite 24/7 by phone or web to have a technician dispatched for diagnosis, jumpstarting or battery replacement.

It’s simple and convenient for the motorist, and it’s helped Motolite build customer loyalty in Metro Manila and key cities nationwide.

But running the Express Hatid service used to be slow and complicated for Motolite.

Years ago, the program was based on manual processes and a loosely structured call center. Customer intake and record creation were slow and inefficient and resulted in duplicate data. Moreover, Motolite didn’t a have a reliable record of customer interactions over time.

To improve processes, Motolite deployed Salesforce CRM, but agents found the solution needlessly complex and difficult to use. Customizing Salesforce to Motolite’s unique workflows required engagement with a costly third-party consultant. Motolite began looking for a CRM solution that could meet their business needs with help from Kaisa Consulting Company.

Better Efficiency and Customer Service

Motolite quickly settled on NetSuite CRM as an ideal solution. Implemented in just three months and live in January 2017, NetSuite CRM has given more than 50 Express Hatid call center agents, managers and administrative staff a flexible, easy-to-use system that has streamlined customer service.

Express Hatid staff now have an efficient, transparent workflow that spans from a customer’s initial call to identifying the battery type, locating a needed battery, dispatching a technician and resolving the problem. That has improved productivity and customer service across the board.

Users can readily add custom fields in NetSuite CRM and adapt the interface without costly consultants, while management can easily track sales trends and fine-tune the service. A single, unified record of customer interactions over time also helps support personalized marketing.

“NetSuite's reports help us focus on the data that matters, and if I want different information, I don't have to wait for an expensive third-party consultant to create a new query,” said Marcus Tee, Express Hatid head of operations at Motolite. “That efficiency has cut our report generation and analysis time by half.”

Going forward, Tee said Motolite is looking to integrate NetSuite CRM with a mobile app now under development for use by Express Hatid technicians. And it’s equipped to expand Express Hatid with NetSuite into other regional markets such as Malaysia.

“NetSuite allows us to make the changes we need to better support our business, and the clarity of information means we spend less time arguing about the facts and more time serving our customers,” Tee said.