Technology has become a primary ingredient for social change in nonprofits, whether it’s enabling fundraising through channels like social media or forming a strong operational and financial backbone. It’s in that spirit that NetSuite continues to seek opportunities to enable growth among nonprofit organizations, including recently expanding its Social Impact program.

Even more recently, NetSuite signed on as a Founding Member of NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit (CDN). NetHope is a consortium of 57 leading global NGOs (non-governmental organizations) working in more than 180 countries, representing over $23B in annual international aid. The group’s mission: to change the world through the power of technology.

Photo Credit: NetHope / Gaia Visual

As a Founding Member, NetSuite will help develop the framework behind mobilizing this mission in addition to providing ongoing guidance, consulting and solution building for the member organizations.

The CDN, the organization’s newest initiative, is designed to use collaboration as a catalyst. Beyond working closely with NetHope and its member base, NetSuite will be collaborating with #ImpactCloud partners, including Okta, Microsoft, Blackbaud, Box and Avanade, all of whom have also signed on as Founding Members. By banding together with other tech leaders, NetSuite can scale impact and achieve more good together.

The announcement was made at NetHope’s Global Summit in Dublin on November 5, where NetSuite spent a week with the NGO community discussing what digital transformation means in nonprofits and how the sector can reach its highest potential through technology. In tandem with its Global Summit, the CDN also released its latest research report: the Digital Nonprofit Skills Assessment. The report aims to help nonprofits benchmark themselves within their sector and across several crucial factors.

NetSuite is confident that by working with NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit, it can help propel humanitarian, conservation and relief efforts and play a part in fostering a better world through collaboration.

Read the full press release from NetHope here.