You expect IT investments to produce a healthy ROI. But even the best enterprise applications can't maximize productivity, and ROI, if the users aren't educated on the capabilities of the system. If your company is like many organizations, it probably doesn't provide regular training classes tailored to the specific needs of employees and, odds are, more training would significantly boost the payback you're getting from your NetSuite investment. The previous is a significant factor in NetSuite’s commitment to providing a full array of ongoing training classes.

Fortunately, most organizations DO provide training for new applications when they are first implemented, and often do so when there's a major upgrade. But too often those are the only classes that frontline business users and executives get on the software, and the effects of employee turnover, faulty memories, and constant minor upgrades gradually erode that knowledge.  And that can cause key benefits of the software to be underutilized.

A good example of this is the dashboard feature in NetSuite. Dashboards are one of the most under-used features, yet one that can yield the best improvements in productivity. Dashboards provide end users with a personalized view of metrics and reports most critical to their work. They save employees the hassle of clicking through menus and ensure that key information is front and center. Alas, employees often don’t know how to use them or just forget they're even available.

There are no hard rules on how often to provide training, but generally, it's a good idea to offer refresher classes every 12 to 18 months.  Below are some specific situations when training is good.

  • Implementation of a new feature or major upgrade. This is the most common reason for training and ensures that your users take advantage of the latest enhancements.
  • Hiring of knowledge workers who will use software for complex tasks, such as analysis or marketing automation.
  • When end users are slow to adopt the new software. People can be resistant to change, especially if they feel it makes their job more difficult. Training helps them adapt more quickly. 
  • When you open a new branch office in a different country.  Common business processes and workflows often differ from region to region. What might seem intuitive to one group may be opaque to another. 

NetSuite offers multiple courses and other training opportunities specific to job roles, industry, and software configurations to ensure that your users’ time is optimized and that they are learning skills pertinent to their needs. The goal is to not only teach the use of NetSuite features, but to provide users with strategies for leveraging them effectively. Users can select between live, interactive classes conducted online or they can choose to take the training in a classroom setting.

Both virtual and in-person training sessions are interactive, so students can ask questions and participate in discussion. Depending on the depth and complexity of the subject area, NetSuite courses range from just hours to multiple days, and are designed for various skill levels, ranging from basic to advanced.

For instance, an accountant or super user might benefit from a class on the reporting and searching capabilities, such as SuiteAnalytics: Financial Reports and then want to continue his/her education and become a SuiteAnalytics subject matter expert by taking the SuiteAnalytics: Advanced Searches course. Likewise, there are other courses designed for other job roles, such as administrators, developers, Web developers and CEOs.

For students who want to work at their own pace, NetSuite also offers self-paced training videos which are available on SuiteAnswers.

Regardless of the end user -- whether it's the CEO, the VP of marketing, an e-commerce manager or business analyst-- there is a course for you.  To learn more about our training offerings, please visit the SuiteTraining course catalog. You can also work with our Education Advisor to create a comprehensive, custom learning plan that is specific to your company and your end users. Sign up for a free Training Needs Assessment to help you achieve your education goals.

-Anthony Bickof, SR. Manager of Education Services at NetSuite