I've been doing these “Manufacturing the

Cloud” blogs for around a year now. How quickly time flies!

Let me see. Doing a quick blog review, there


  • The Air Conditioned Server Room
  • Platform 9¾
  • Location, Location, Location
  • It's a SuiteWorld After All
  • Objects in the Rear View Mirror
  • 24 Minutes Between Friends
  • The Scheduling Myth
  • Fore!
  • The Walking Dead

So that's all very well and good, but rather

than have you go and read a multitude of blogs to figure out what I've been

blogging about, we figured we'd make it easy for you. So you’re hereby invited

to an intimate demonstration, hosted by yours truly, of the latest and greatest

that NetSuite has to offer manufacturing companies.

What can you expect from this live

product demo on Tuesday, November 6?

PowerPoint? Well yes, my friends in marketing

will of course provide you with a brief overview. But I've always been a fan of

putting your money where your mouth is and so I will in fact do the product

demo showing you the following features that are key to your businesses:

  • How you can use our ATP system to

    offer your customers accurate ship dates

  • Have your sales forecast influence

    your build plan

  • Minimize all inventory (raw materials,

    wip and finished goods) with our demand planning system

  • Confirm and release planned POs and

    work orders

  • Implement lean concepts with automated


  • Gain efficiencies through

    manage-by-exception reminders

  • Use dashboards to manage everyday


  • Configure the system to your own needs

    (because we know all manufacturing companies are NOT the same)

So there you have it. Click

here to register for this exciting event.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Gavin Davidson - Vertical Market Expert, Manufacturing