Avid readers of my blog posts will no doubt have picked up on my musical taste as leaning towards rock / alternative. But if you were to hit random play on my iPad you might be surprised at the spattering of all genres including rap, R&B, folk, pop and jazz.

My parents were keen ballroom dancers back in the day (like many of that generation—that’s where they met…) and regularly attended competitions with yours truly in tow. I have vivid memories of sitting at the table and drinking Coca-Cola (big treat) while my parents danced or watched. The highlight would be scouring the floor and crawling under tables looking for all the red, blue and silver jewels (OK, they were sequins – but come on, I was probably 4 at the time!) that had fallen off the dancers’ dresses and organizing them on the table.

Dionne Warwick’s classic song, “Do You Know the Way to San Jose,” was released in 1968—the year I was born—and so it’s entirely possible that song was played at one of the competitions, but I know for sure that my dad owned a copy of the 45.

I must admit that before NetSuite I didn’t know the way to San Jose, but I’ve visited a few times since and I’m super excited about the upcoming NetSuite SuiteWorld 2013 user and partner conference, which is relocating to the San Jose Convention Center this year, having outgrown our original venue in San Francisco. With almost 5,000 attendees expected, the May 13–16 conference is gearing up to be a pretty darn cool event. A jewel, not a sequin, amongst user conferences—especially for those of us interested in cloud manufacturing!

So what can you expect from the SuiteWorld 2013 extravaganza? The NetSuite manufacturing software team has been working hard to put together an action-packed session list featuring a variety of presenters from many areas in NetSuite including pre-sales, product management, technical services and professional services. We’ll also have cloud manufacturing experts as guest speakers and presentations from leading manufacturing customers and partners.

Here is the list of sessions we have planned:

  • What Trends Are Manufacturing Companies Paying Attention to?
  • Material Planning with NetSuite
  • Product Design, Prototyping and Engineering Design with NetSuite
  • Manufacturing Roadmap & Vision
  • Production Routings – Setup
  • Production Scheduling
  • How to Run a Global Manufacturing Operation
  • Managing a Manufacturing Business with NetSuite: Modes of
  • Extending NetSuite Using the Platform
  • Warranty and After-Sales Service
  • Manufacturing a Quality Product with NetSuite
  • Costing in NetSuite

Over the next few weeks we will look at some of these in more detail and at how SuiteWorld offers a great opportunity to learn how to make the most of NetSuite manufacturing software, as well as highlight some sessions from other tracks that you may be interested in.

Stay tuned!

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- Gavin Davidson - Vertical Market Expert, Manufacturing