We were so excited last year at the NetSuite Partner Conference in San Francisco when NetSuite announced that in 2011 the conference was not only going to be about partners but also about customers! It was long overdue to get the entire NetSuite ecosystem together for a week, to really showcase, meet, and put a face to all the relationships we have built in the past years. 

At SuiteCommerce most of our jobs are done remotely, so we get few chances to meet face to face with our customers. The amazing thing about the cloud is that it allows anyone to build, implement, and consult on different jobs without meeting the customer. So we are really looking forward to meet our customers and potential customers this May in San Francisco.

From my experience, I always look forward to NetSuite’s events because you learn so much about the platform, the people behind it, and you also get to share experiences with hundreds of people that live and breathe NetSuite everyday. Its the only place where you can get your questions answered in a snap!

The different workshops, keynote and awards are all about the software you use everyday, so its crucial to attend, take notes, and most importantly meet people.

A MUST is to attend to Evan's keynote where you will see what’s coming for the product, the vision, and everything that has been built in NetSuite. It will blow you away!

In the Exhibit hall, the different partners will be the ones that will make you feel that you are not alone. That they have the solution you need. The Partner eco-system has grown tremendously, and I am amazed every year at the new products and services that they present. You'll see how vital the partner community is to extend the functionality of NetSuite and the interesting solutions you can build on top of NetSuite.

SuiteCommerce is presenting some cool new products focused on eCommerce customers that I am sure will make you very happy as a NetSuite customer. Tip: eBay Mobile Sales Grew From $600 Million to $2 Billion in 2010. Have you thought about mobile?

We would love to see all of you attend SuiteWorld and visit our booth to get information on what we do and how we do it. We are Gold Sponsors this year, so we are all in!

Hope to see you there, if not visit us at www.suitecommerce.com