Valentine’s Day may be months away, but the gesture of giving flowers to a loved one is not restricted to just February. This is why the Philippines’ largest flower retailer and distributor, Island Rose, ensured that they are armed with the right technology to manage inventory and order processing year-round without any delays.

Operating online, Island Rose had to struggle with difficulties such as additional costs in administrative work and periodic server upgrades that come from using on-premise systems. To eliminate these challenges and improve management and efficiency, Island Rose moved their operations to the NetSuite cloud.

Leveraging NetSuite’s integrated capabilities for financials, inventory management, order management and CRM, Island Rose has increased efficiency across the board. The company was able to automate online processing of 75,000 shipments a year to locations all over the Philippines and scale to periods of peak demand, including Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

“With NetSuite, we’re able to process more orders more efficiently and can grow our business without growing our staff,” Dustin Andaya, Chief Executive Officer of Island Rose said. “We used to do a lot of double- and triple-encoding, and now we have one integrated system for order processing, ERP and accounting inventory and CRM that lets us run a lean company and better serve our customers.”

Selected over competing SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce solutions and implemented by NetSuite Solution Provider partner CloudTech, NetSuite provides order automation and integration with couriers including DHL and LBC Express that helps ensure next-day delivery of orders to many areas of the Philippines while reducing reliance on paper-based processes by 80% to 90%.

Furthermore, NetSuite has given Island Rose the efficiency and capacity it needed to launch new Ecommerce business offerings like selling chocolates, gifts, and other goods. It has also enabled the company to better monitor production and tighten processes across Island Rose’s greenhouse farm in Tagaytay and Makati distribution.

“Island Rose requires a comprehensive solution that will be able to manage our operations efficiently and promptly. Having NetSuite as a partner for the past years has helped us greatly to meet not only the demands of our customers, but also increase advancements in technology, particularly in ecommerce,” Andaya added.

-James Dantow, VP for Worldwide Support and GM for the Philippines, NetSuite