Microsites have better search engine ranking and higher conversion rates than large, complicated web sites.  Microsites are separate web sites that you build for individual products or lines of products.  Because the site is very specific, it receives higher search engine ranking for those products than a site that has many other types of products.  And because the shopper is not confused with information that is irrelevant to their search, they have less distractions and less steps to complete a purchase.

The key to managing multiple microsites is to have a single database for storing the product information.  You don't want to display different product pricing, content or inventory availability on different web sites.  You also don't want to spend countless hours updating multiple sites every time you run a promotion or make any change.  So having all the sites tied into the same content management systeminventory management system, and order management system will simplify your life and reduce customer confusion.


With NetSuite you can publish dozens of microsites, all running from your one inventory management system.  Any updates to a product will propagate the information into all the sites it is published to.  So if you update the product’s price, description or picture, you can make the change once and have that change apply to a dozen sites.  If your product is out of stock, all of the sites can remove it or display an updated out of stock message.