It's less expensive to keep a current customer than to acquire a new one. With that in mind, there are simple marketing techniques you can implement to keep your shoppers coming back.

Start with understanding the lifecycle of your products and your customers. If you sell a product that has an average lifetime, send email campaigns to your shoppers shortly before the product they purchased needs replacement. If the product they purchased is being upgraded or a newer version coming out, send emails to those shoppers letting them know and provide an incentive for switching. If customers that don't buy for a certain period of time tend to be lost forever, send them a personalized email before that time period is reached with a valuable discount that will lead to a purchase and a reset of that time span.

Use NetSuite’s upsell manager tool to send targeted emails for related products based on a customer’s purchase history. The upsell manager tells you the correlation between products and customers based on your company’s sales history. For instance, shoppers that bought Widget A also bought Widgets B and C, or customers similar to Jane Smith bought Widget D. This information allows you to send a campaign to your customers informing them what similar shoppers also purchased.