In both B2B and B2C realms, mobile and social customers are more fickle and discriminating than ever. They expect merchants and service providers to anticipate their needs and provide a consistently superior experience. To improve customer retention, build loyalty and drive revenue, you’ve got to know your customers as well as you know your own business.

For companies in APAC, a strategic focus on a unified cloud business management system can pay particularly big dividends. Many organisations in Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand and elsewhere are only now implementing cloud business applications—gaining a competitive advantage over rivals that take a haphazard approach to cultivating the customer base.

The ideal cloud solution extends across multiple aspects of the customer experience. It gives sales reps a complete, timely view of customer information to improve sales effectiveness. It supplies call center agents with a definitive customer record to speed service resolution. It gives the organization a solid customer data foundation to run targeted marketing campaigns that generate sales, while integrating with your core business processes such as financials, inventory and order management, as well as all your channels, from ecommerce to call centers, mobile devices and physical points-of-sale.

LexisNexis Pacific Thrives with NetSuite

LexisNexis Pacific, a leading provider of content and technology solutions for the legal and corporate markets, uses NetSuite to manage its core business operations and to support its strong growth in Australia and New Zealand. Before NetSuite, LexisNexis Pacific struggled to manage customer information with a number of proprietary CRM databases and spreadsheets, resulting in delays, inconsistent processes, data inaccuracies and missed opportunities. NetSuite is now the backbone of its daily operations, providing a single system for real-time customer and project data. NetSuite also fully integrates with LexisNexis' existing finance, accounting and marketing systems, delivering significant efficiencies and real-time visibility into its business.

LexisNexis Pacific turned to NetSuite in 2009 for its powerful capabilities, which include sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation and customer support, as well as project management, including time management, staffing levels and billing requirements. With it, the company has dramatically improved its lead-to-cash pipeline, cross-sells and upsells, renewals and service.

"NetSuite provides us with a single source of comprehensive information about our customers, which expertly drives and services our entire business operation, and gives our sales team the information they need to succeed," said Aaron Valverde, business systems and process team leader at LexisNexis Pacific.

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