’s SuiteImpact initiative has taken off, gaining participants from every NetSuite office from all over the world. For Global Impact Week alone, more than 870 people volunteered time in their local communities. Here, we are taking the time to get to know one of our SuiteImpact Ambassadors in our Toronto office, Nicole LaPenta.

What is your position at NetSuite?

I’m a receptionist/office administrator.

What made you decide to become an ambassador?

I heard about the opportunity to participate in a group that helps people in the community and I really wanted to get involved.  I feel very fortunate, and I have a passion for helping others.

What has been your favorite part of the experience?

Not only have I enjoyed participating in events to help others – but it has also been a great way to meet and spend time with people in the office that I usually don’t get to work with.  Our Toronto office is pretty big, and I don’t get the chance to see everyone from other departments so it has been exciting to build relationships with others while giving back.

What has been your favorite event to plan and/ or participate in? Why?

It is hard to choose just one! In February I coordinated with SickKids, a pediatric hospital here in Toronto to register two NetSuite teams for an indoor volleyball tournament. The money raised was given to SickKids and we all had the chance to play a fun sport, enjoy many laughs and create memories. There was a great turn out from employees and everyone had a great time.

How did you balance your work responsibilities with the responsibilities of being an ambassador?

I choose to include my responsibilities of being a SuiteImpact ambassador as part of my daily work responsibilities. When I am passionate about something (like helping others), I always find a way to balance. This not only gave me the chance to be available to assist my fellow ambassadors, but also make sure I would be able to attend all SuiteImpact events.

How do you feel about NetSuite’s commitment to giving back by giving employees paid time off to volunteer?

I think it is a terrific idea. It was something that caught my attention during my welcome orientation. Giving back has become rare, and NetSuite gives everyone the chance to participate in the community.  (I also think Global Impact Week was a great way to advertise the SuiteImpact program and there was a lot of participation.)

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

I’m a family gal, so I enjoy spending time with my family and friends doing just about anything.  However, I also have a passion for dance – and I teach at a studio a few times a week.  My dancers are between three and 14 years old and it is a very rewarding position to be in.

What’s your favorite meal?

I would have to say a penne pasta with a yummy garlic bread on the side.

Coffee or tea?

Tea – 100% Green Tea to be specific.

Learn more about’s SuiteImpact Program here.