Contrary to popular assumptions, software training is not a one-time event. This is particularly true for a dynamic solution like NetSuite. With two automatic, free upgrades every year and a modular, scalable design which grows as your company's needs grow, the NetSuite solution your employees are familiar with today will evolve and change over time. To ensure that users are getting the most out of NetSuite, training needs to be ongoing. A training needs assessment—which we provide to our customers free of charge—will help identify where your organization can get more use of NetSuite by improving your users’ skills.

The training needs assessment starts with a survey of the individual roles and responsibilities of your users, evaluating how they relate to NetSuite features and functionality. This process helps us understand the different NetSuite usage patterns, from workers who may touch a NetSuite screen only a few times per month to those who spend all day, every day working in the NetSuite cloud. Next we examine your business objectives and processes to help develop a customized training plan that matches your overall corporate goals. Depending on the size and structure of your organization, these discussions may take place with a project manager or NetSuite administrator, or even senior executives. We take understanding your business needs very seriously.

Once we have an understanding of the roles, responsibilities and needs of your organization, we develop the training plan. The plan seeks to make the most of the time spent on training various user groups. For example, we won't schedule accounts payable training for salespeople who simply need to understand the CRM capabilities of NetSuite. Our training is also geared towards objectives, not screens and buttons. We always incorporate real-life scenarios to provide the “day-in-the-life” context users need to be able to apply what they learn on the job.

Companies come to us for needs assessments for a variety of reasons—employee turnover, growth, acquisition and new software modules are just some of the triggers that we've seen. Others simply come to us because they realize they are celebrating an anniversary on NetSuite and want to refresh their understanding of the solution so they can get more use from the system.

Our needs assessment professionals are not commissioned salespeople—we want to see our customers succeed and take the greatest possible advantage of NetSuite. We have more than just an academic interest in seeing our customers commit to comprehensive and ongoing training. Our studies consistently show that our longest-tenured and most satisfied customers are the ones who have embraced user training. In most cases, our training needs assessments can put a comprehensive plan on your desk within five business days. We would love the opportunity to help your organization do more with

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-Kerman Camacho, Global Education Services Advisor at NetSuite