NetSuite Ecommerce was once again positioned in the Visionary section of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.  The leading industry analyst reviews all of the major ecommerce players.  For the second year running, Gartner put NetSuite in the Visionary quadrant, right alongside Demandware, and only behind two multi-million dollar solutions – ATG and IBM WebSphere.   

According to Gartner: "Visionaries apply an innovative, market-leading and forward-thinking or disruptive approach to ecommerce.  Visionaries can meet customers' production requirements and general availability of at least one year, which indicates that they are more than just startups with good ideas. Technology providers in this quadrant must demonstrate customers in production, proving the value of the new functionality and architecture. Frequently, visionaries will drive leaders toward new concepts and engineering enhancements."

So NetSuite ranks right next to Demandware, and offers a complete business management suite, but still charges only a fraction as much money.  For less money than customers typically pay Demandware for their standalone Ecommerce product, they can get NetSuite’s complete business management system which incorporates complete order management, warehouse management, accounting, marketing, support, and much more.  Demand more. Pay less.