Posted by Tony Kontzer, Guest Blogger

SuiteWorld 2014 was a watershed moment for field service automation provider FieldAware's partnership with NetSuite. Not only did FieldAware's SuiteApp achieve "Built for NetSuite" verification for integration of its mobile capabilities with the NetSuite platform; the company also walked away from its first SuiteWorld, where it was an exhibiting Gold Sponsor, ready to take the relationship to a new level.

The warm reception FieldAware received from NetSuite's customers, partners and sales organization certainly didn't hurt.

"The experience spurred us to concentrate a larger percentage of company resources on the NetSuite relationship," said Deb Mielke, FieldAware's marketing director, noting, for example, that the company created a new partner organization. "We're also in the midst of installing NetSuite as our internal business system."

What may have jazzed Mielke and the FieldAware team most was the eye-opening exposure to the creative ways SuiteWorld customers and partners have put the NetSuite platform to use. In fact, some of the speakers effectively reminded Mielke that FieldAware has only scratched the surface of NetSuite’s potential.

"It helped us realize there were many more applications for our technology than we thought," she said. "One potential customer in the health care industry got us thinking about applying our solution to new areas like drug trials."

Now, as a returning SuiteWorld veteran, Mielke has some advice for attendees — especially exhibiting sponsors — on how to get the most from their SuiteWorld 2015 experience. Hint: It doesn't involve doing more demos of your company's technology.

"Don’t stay locked in a booth — get out and take advantage of the seminars, demonstrations and opportunities to meet NetSuite personnel and other members of the NetSuite partner ecosystem," she said. "There are lots of good people, good partners and a ton of good information at SuiteWorld, all just waiting for you to find them."

Prepare to get the most out of your SuiteWorld experience, get all the details at the SuiteWorld website.