As we start the new year and begin to line up new projects and initiatives, I think this is the best time to do some reflecting on the past. And the more we think on it, 2017 was ruled by our customers. NetSuite’s vision has always been to transform how businesses operate so they can achieve their business vision, and those transformations have been ubiquitous on our blog. From family-owned businesses expanding beyond expectations to software companies divested from their parent company and thriving, these customer stories speak to our vision.

Here we take the time to showcase some of the best customer stories featured on the NetSuite blog in 2017, as an ode, a tribute, adoration for our customers who help us achieve our vision every day.

MotoAlliance Turns Family Business into Global Manufacturer, Outgrows QuickBooks

MotoAlliance, a manufacturer and distributor of power sports accessories, started as a family-owned business and has grown to manufacture with partners in the U.S., China, Australia and France and sells its products through 400 dealerships across the country including large retailers like Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops. Read their growth story and hear directly from their president, Maury Kapsner.

Tech Sparks Transformation of Action Health

Action Health, a healthcare packaging distributor, is another family-owned business that has transformed its business to drive rapid growth. Taking on a new mission to deliver savings to the supply chain, the management team knew that technology would play a critical role. Read their growth story and learn how they decided that selling part of the business was the best strategy.

OpenSymmetry Replaces Salesforce, FinancialForce with NetSuite for ERP, PSA and CRM

For OpenSymmetry, a management consulting and system integrator focused on sales performance management, the vision was clear. In order to grow, it needed a single platform that provided ERP, CRM and PSA software that can scale. Read their story and find out why NetSuite OneWorld was the right choice all along.

Quicken Hastens Toward New Future with NetSuite

In March of 2016, Intuit announced it would divest Quicken Inc., the 30-year-old flagship personal finance software, to sharpen its focus on small business. Quicken viewed it as an opportunity filled with potential and a big part of solidifying their future was building the new company on a foundation that was agile and scalable enough to move at the pace the industry demanded. Read their story and see how they prepared their business for growth.

Home Audio Retailer Fluance Makes Beautiful Music with NetSuite

Fluance, a leading manufacturer and B2C ecommerce retailer of speakers, turntables and home theater systems that focus on high performance, is a small family-backed company that pivoted from brick-and-mortar sales of third-party equipment in favor of a budding Fluance brand, opening a first-generation webstore on Yahoo. Read their growth story and learn how Fluance is taking sound to the next level.

These five customer stories embody the different experiences, circumstances and dynamics that running a business entails and their path to growth. Come back to read part 2 of “Customers Shine in 2017” and to see what else we have in store to get you ready to grow in 2018!