Determining how to train a team of professionals on a new ERP system can often be challenging, especially if it’s without any formalized training from a solutions provider. Training is one of the most critical factors for any organization, so the team that initially implements the ERP system must also be trained to the point that they can continue to share and expand their knowledge and experience.

With Oracle NetSuite’s Learning Cloud Support – Select (LCS), implementing these sometimes-tedious training tasks doesn’t have to be complex. LCS Select is a subscription-based, ongoing training solution that lets businesses easily and cost-effectively engage in continuous learning, and as a result, increase self-sufficiency by expanding user adoption.

LCS Select provides adaptable options to tailor training programs that are specific to user roles. LCS Select also comes with blocks of hours for custom training initiatives that are specifically designed for a group of users.

Accelerate Group Training

LCS Select is perfect for teams requiring timely training. Companies will have access to a 20-hour block of customizable training to use throughout a three-month period. These trainings are designed for wider audiences, which appeals to many companies that need to onboard new teams, get them working more efficiently and get their business running faster without a lengthy downtime due to learning curves. If 20 hours is not enough, companies can purchase additional time.  

For instance, imagine a company is training a class of accounting professionals to fill a segment of the business needing extra attention. To utilize the team to the fullest potential and get them onboarded as soon as possible so that they can begin critical accounting job functions, the company can take advantage of the flexible LCS Select solution, modifying training classes to the wider audience on the ins and outs of the NetSuite platform. In contrast to the individual training that LCS Pass provides, LCS Select is designed to train an entire organization or team.

This is also true for sales professionals. Often when undertrained sales professionals operate a CRM system, they create inefficiencies that trickle throughout the organization. Bad data input by platform users will create inaccurate reporting. Organizations can benefit from LCS Select by giving these new end-users the communication plans and customized training unique to their business’ configurations and environment. This new user adoption method creates an environment where organizations with accurate and complete data close deals faster, increase goal achievement, improve reporting and grow.

Companies can also achieve precise budgeting for annual training requirements with LCS Select.

As with any software’s system evolution, adapting to change requires adequate product knowledge. Whether users are new hires or already a regular operator, companies need to keep their employees up to date with the latest features. With LCS Select’s new release training, teams are made aware of expanded functionality and new features. With custom training they can take a deeper dive to fully leverage the latest functionality.

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