Remember when ERP implementations and upgrades were huge, hairy, expensive affairs that could take months to finish? Jive Software certainly does, and it was their experience managing large complex implementations that made them especially happy to migrate to cloud-based ERP software.

Four years ago, Jive was preparing for an IPO and was in need of integrated ERP software that could automate its many disjointed, manual processes. At the time, it was using QuickBooks, Excel spreadsheets, and a lot of homegrown scripts and applications to manage their critical business operations.

Jive moved to the NetSuite cloud and, over the next three years, tripled its revenue to $145.8 million and grew its customer base to approximately 900. In 2013, Jive management decided to review its experience with NetSuite and evaluate how well the platform was meeting the company’s changing requirements as it grew. Jive noted several areas that had improved or better supported its business needs. NetSuite supported revenue recognition for Jive’s diverse revenue streams, multinational operations across 10 international subsidiaries, and global budgeting and forecasting.

Jive also compared NetSuite’s off-the-shelf capabilities with other vendors' products. Ultimately, the company decided they had the right combination of 90 percent out-of-the-box capabilities and 10 percent customization with NetSuite. NetSuite’s easy customization tool made it relatively simple for even end users to tweak things to suit their own work processes.

Learn more about Jive’s journey from selecting NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP to issuing an IPO to continuing to drive business growth with NetSuite.