For developers working with the SuiteCloud development platform, things are about to get easier, faster and more collaborative.

NetSuite has recently made some key enhancements to the platform including the release of new SuiteCloud processors which should be welcome news for customers and partners alike. Traditionally, developers and end users have been frustrated with project queues, putting high priority processing jobs behind unimportant, menial jobs, which ultimately creates delays. Meanwhile, unbalanced queues force customers and partners to manually balance loads or write complicated programs to give priority to more important jobs like month end close for customers or force partners to worry about what other jobs are running alongside their apps. With the SuiteCloud development platform’s new Asynchronous SuiteCloud Processors, loads are automatically balanced and developers can assign priority to specific workloads. The processors have shown significant improvements in lab testing, resulting in 17 percent better utilization and 98 percent decreases in average and max wait times.

The New SuiteCloud Processors capabilities include:

  • Maximize throughput in every account
  • Minimize wait times for jobs
  • No manual balancing needed
  • Defined priorities for specific jobs
  • Improved control to tune throughput

SuiteCloud Development Framework Generally Available

As importantly, the SuiteCloud Development Framework, announced last year, is now generally available. Developers often confront challenges collaborating as a team across geographies, time zones and more. The SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) is a next-generation integrated development environment and a major advancement included in the NetSuite SuiteCloud Development Platform. SDF supports the complete software development lifecycle including source code control, peer code reviews, team development and integrated debugging, coupled with sophisticated SuiteCloud deployment technologies.

With it, teams can collaborate seamlessly in a developer experience unrivaled in the cloud. NetSuite customer and partner development teams gain greater flexibility, control and efficiency when building mission-critical applications and integrations.

The key features and benefits of SuiteCloud Development Framework include:

  • Collaborative cloud development. Developers can now collaborate in a separate dedicated development environment that makes it easier to manage customizations and application code, providing more familiarity, more control and more autonomy than ever.
  • Direct deployment. Developers can directly deploy applications to development, sandbox or production accounts, greatly simplifying development and deployment practices for ISVs and customers.
  • Software development lifecycle support. Development teams can now easily manage cloud source code with the same process and rigor that they use in other projects, increasing quality, compliance and control.

Enhanced Printing Simplifies Custom Transactions

Finally, the latest enhancements to the cloud-based development platform tackles the sometimes frustrating world of printing. While most business transactions require printing, custom transactions and journal entries that are required for special accounting rules or business logic have traditionally required workarounds for printing jobs. The new enhanced printing in NetSuite supports more than simple invoices or sales orders to any custom transaction. Customers and partners can now change printed forms with drag-and-drop features. For example, partner apps like asset depreciation/disposal can now be accounted for in printing. The same is true for customer created accounting accruals like doubtful debts.

Learn more about the latest NetSuite release, 17.2.