The speed at which manufacturing companies go to market is dramatically increasing and changing the traditional manufacturing model. Customers expect to be able to research and purchase a manufacturer’s product online as well as locate a store or authorized distributor quickly and easily. Distribution companies want to be able to place online orders with their negotiated pricing. And sales teams want access to detailed product and customer account information from anywhere. Manufacturers are realizing that they must function more intelligently, efficiently and collaboratively to meet the growing expectations of connected and empowered customers. Ecommerce is being looked at as a way for them to achieve these goals cost effectively.

Join us, along with, on November 5th for a webinar discussing these trends and why Ecommerce is becoming a necessity in manufacturing.  I’ll be joined by a panel of Ecommerce experts to discuss and offer perspectives on:

  • The process of rolling out a new Ecommerce solution to enable better collaboration with partner manufacturers
  • Sensible ways that manufacturers can utilize new technologies, such as a cloud-based Ecommerce solution, to enable the highest level of functionality and supreme reliability
  • Best practices for procurement specialists in navigating the new Ecommerce revolution
  • The benefits of implementing developments in purchasing, such as purchasing cards, particularly in light of more suppliers rolling out comprehensive Ecommerce solutions

Date: Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Time: 11:00 AM ET – 12:00 PM ET

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I hope you’ll join us for the conversation!

-Ranga Bodla, Director, Industry Marketing, Manufacturing/WD