Posted by Barney Beal, Content Director, NetSuite

Angela Mager went from NetSuite customer to NetSuite solution consultant and ultimately on a trip around the world with one phone call.

In 2005, Mager was an account manager at US media analytics startup Biz360, a NetSuite customer and was using NetSuite on a daily basis. Impressed with the product, Mager jumped at the chance to join the fast-growing company when a recruiter called to offer her a position. And while NetSuite now counts nearly 24,000 customers, 10 years ago it didn’t have nearly the footprint. In fact, many of Mager’s early years were spent educating and evangelising the market about cloud business management software.

“My best career decision was to come in for my NetSuite interview,” said Mager who joined as a pre-sales solution consultant, a job that involved partnering with the direct sales team to demonstrate NetSuite’s solution to new business prospects.

Mager’s career quickly evolved into the services vertical, supporting what is now Services Resource Planning (SRP). Then, thanks to strong relationships and open discussions with her managers, Mager’s career path catapulted her into senior management roles. She became a team leader for services North America and was quickly promoted to manager, where she inherited the newly acquired OpenAir solution consulting team. From there, her manager let her know that the current solution consulting manager in Sydney was moving on and asked if she’d be interested in the role.

A few weeks later she was on a plane to Sydney to interview with the leadership team to ensure there was a culture fit. On New Year’s Day 2012, Angela, her husband and their two kids left Stillwater, a small sleepy suburb of Minneapolis in the middle of a freezing winter to the summer heat of Sydney. The kids quickly embraced the beach and body boarding, and Mager quickly embraced tubes of sunscreen and floppy hats.

“Moving to the other side of the globe is not for the weak of heart,” Mager said.“Overnight you lose the comfort of local friends and family, not to mention picking up local slang. Me and my family are always up for an adventure though and were happy to roll with the punches as we adjusted to life in Australia.”
Mager acclimated with some help from the local NetSuite team, though she admits she still hasn’t figured out the local government.

Three years on, countless deals won and a few promotions later, Mager is now senior director, solutions consulting and managing a team of 24 employees across Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Japan.

“Anyone, regardless of the role can make a difference at NetSuite,” Mager said.
Her tip for success?

“If you see something that needs a change or could be fixed, you can create a solution,” she said. “Try it, don’t be afraid to fail. If it’s a successful pilot you can roll it out worldwide. This is true of any position; individual contributor or executive. Every person in the company really wants to help and improve the company. These things make NetSuite special and unique.”

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