Posted by Amede Hungerford, Vice President of Marketing at NetSuite

When you ask Matt Kenney, principal at McGladrey LLP, an accounting consultancy with 75 locations around the world, what has made his company so successful, he’ll credit the array of expertise that McGladrey offers – from PCI compliance and technology consulting to international taxes – and, no doubt, to the quality service they provide their clients. He’ll also credit a large measure of its success to NetSuite and its Solution Provider Program, which has become McGladrey’s fastest growing service.

“It’s really exceeded our expectations of how fast it would take off,” said Kenney, noting that many of the prospects McGladrey approaches want only cloud-based solutions, so the NetSuite offering is an important part of their portfolio.

McGladrey’s industry expertise and strong experience implementing ERP and CRM software solutions, combined with NetSuite’s cloud-based suite of business applications have resembled a “match made in heaven”. After joining the NetSuite Solution Provider Program, McGladrey has never looked back. At SuiteWorld 2014, McGladrey was named NetSuite’s Worldwide Partner of the Year for its quality customer service and successful NetSuite practice promoting and implementing ERP, CRM, ecommerce and PSA solutions. The company was selected out of all NetSuite partners across its Solution Providers group, the SuiteCloud Developer Network, and Global Systems Integrators (GSI) and is the only company ever to achieve this prestigious recognition in two consecutive years.

Kenney credits his firm’s success with NetSuite to their partner sales trainers who provided hands-on boot camp training sessions for McGladrey’s sales team. Training is a key resource provided by NetSuite to its new solution provider partners that is instrumental in determining how quickly a partner acquires their first customer.

“These are people who have really been on the front lines of selling," said Kenney. "They know the kinds of objections that come up. And they know the kind of education they have to do to help prospects understand the value proposition of the cloud.”

In addition to training, the NetSuite Solution Provider partner program offers everything from co-op marketing opportunities to total cost of ownership (TCO) calculation tools to prospecting campaigns for cloud solutions.

“Their partner program is very comprehensive and structured,” he commented. “NetSuite has certainly contributed to our revenue and our ability to provide a complete solution to our clients.”

To learn more about how NetSuite is helping McGladrey expand their business, watch this video: