Posted by Amede Hugerford, Vice President, Marketing, NetSuite

For many technology consulting firms, “cloud computing” has long been a dirty word, something that threatens their very business by removing the hardware refreshes, system upgrades and complex integration scenarios that provide so much of their service revenue. Others, however have adapted and are reaping significant rewards from the continued adoption of cloud business management software.

For example, Stephen Mayer, founder and managing partner of S.D. Mayer and Associates, a San Francisco-based accounting, consulting and technology firm, said his NetSuite business is growing. In fact, his clients have all been pleased with the results of their move to the cloud—even a few that had to be talked into it. “We’ve got 100% happy customers with NetSuite,” Mayer said. That’s a boost to the company’s reputation and ensures long-term customer loyalty.

Watch Stephen Mayer outline his experience as a NetSuite Solution Provider:

Similarly, for Aileen Primrose, VP of sales at Eureka Solutions, a Scottish provider of ERP, CRM and BI software, signing on as a NetSuite partner in 2012 was a strategic decision based on the growing popularity of cloud ERP. "We knew that the cloud was going to be the future of ERP, so we seized the opportunity," she said.

In addition to implementation, training and support services, Eureka provides their clients with customization services to meet industry specific needs and develops value-added applications on NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Development Platform.

To learn more about how NetSuite is enabling Eureka Solutions to grow its business, watch this short video:

To hear more from Primrose, Mayer and many other NetSuite partners, and to learn more about our channel program for technology consulting firms, visit the NetSuite Solution Provider page on YouTube.