At, the corporate citizenship arm of NetSuite, we are always on the look-out for strong solutions providers and partners who can work with us to further our mission of putting NetSuite software into the hands of nonprofits and social enterprises around the world so that they can focus more time and effort on their mission.

The New Office is one of these partners. A NetSuite implementation and integration service provider, The New Office looks at their partnership with as a means for their employees to give back to the community.

From CRM, ERP and Ecommerce, to connecting old systems with new, The New Office’s NetSuite consultants and developers help organizations both big and small.

Dean Dzurilla, The New Office’s founder and CEO, met with the team to talk about the organization’s successful relationship with nonprofit grantee A Glimmer of Hope.

“NetSuite is a great piece of technology,” said Dzurilla. “Often though, many of the nonprofits we serve don’t have the means or capacity to fully realize [NetSuite’s] potential. We try to fill those gaps.”

A Glimmer of Hope, founded by Donna Berber and her husband Philip Berber, developed a nonprofit model to bring deep, sustainable change to the lives of impoverished Ethiopian women and children. In order to expand its impact in rural Ethiopia, Glimmer turned to NetSuite in 2009 to replace its multiple, disparate software applications. Dzurilla quickly became friends with the Glimmer staff, including Chief Executive Officer Brian Cooper and Chief Financial Officer Stephanie Fast. Dzurilla’s firm helped them implement their NetSuite software donation. Since then, The New Office has built a long successful partnership with Glimmer.

“We fully support the Glimmer cause,” said Dzurilla, “Not only through assisting them with their NetSuite needs, but also by donating to their relief projects around the world.”

Glimmer meets and speaks with each village to learn about their people and their community. They then prioritize water, health, education and microfinance projects to meet the village’s unique needs. Once these projects are defined, Glimmer reaches out to donors who want to help. During the construction process, Glimmer sends donors media updates on the village’s progress.

The New Office configured Glimmer’s financial system to properly allocate donor funds and track the performance of each project. Since then,The New Office has added deep customizations to Glimmer’s SaaS application and recently implemented NetSuite’s CRM functionality to better support their constituent management team.

To date, Glimmer has constructed more than 6,700 water projects, 520 school buildings and 210 health facilities. It has also distributed more than 19,000 microfinance loans for small businesses and irrigation projects. Overall, Glimmer has improved the lives of 2.5 million Ethiopian citizens.

Dzurilla’s friendship with Fast and the Glimmer team has been a huge key to their success. They actively keep in touch and capture every opportunity to improve their use of NetSuite as they grow.For nonprofits with similar missions to Glimmer, Dzurilla suggests not tackling all of their software issues at once. In his experience helping grantees, implementing NetSuite in bite-sized chunks has led to greater adoption rates and overall effectiveness.

“NetSuite has a lot of horsepower by design,” said Dzurilla. “Nonprofits should leverage the system’s built-in workflows to take advantage of efficiencies gained in running their business.” grantees often come to NetSuite’s solution provider partners to help them refine their software donations and boost the work they do around the world. Choosing a partner you can trust and who believes in your mission is critical to maximizing the benefits of your NetSuite system.

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