Retailers today face constant change, with new technologies and customer demands constantly emerging. The advent of mobile commerce, social media, customer behavior tracking and personalization, along with omnichannel shopping present fresh challenges to retailers.

To give NetSuite's retail customers a leg up on the competition, it is presenting an entire track of sessions devoted to retail at SuiteWorld 2013, May 13-16 in San Jose.  Each of these 12 dedicated retail–focused sessions is an excellent reason to attend SuiteWorld alone, nevermind the networking opportunities, keynotes and getting answers to NetSuite questions. They will address key issues such as retail marketing, online customer service, inventory management, sales forecasting, mobile commerce and multichannel selling.  You'll also get to explore the many advanced features of NetSuite’s end-to-end retail management solution. 

A few of the highlights include:

  • Omnichannel Shopping — Here retailers learn the secrets to managing and integrating customer channels to create a flexible and seamless omnichannel shopping environment. The session will provide information and strategies for personalizing marketing and enhancing customer service across stores, websites, call centers, mobile, and social platforms while driving growth and revenue.


  • Business Intelligence Tools for Multi-Channel Retailers —This session teaches retailers how to get real value from their customer data.  It will discuss how to use metrics and real-time analytics for inventory management, supplier evaluations and marketing campaigns.


  • CRM in an Omnichannel World — Customers come to you over many different channels, including brick and mortar stores, mobile phones, and social media.  Providing them all with consistent high-quality service is a critical challenge.  Retail experts explain how to create a 360-degree profile of your customers and leverage it to provide the best service over every channel. 


  • Retailing Beyond the Suite — Looking for a specific feature not currently available in your NetSuite retail solution? You may find it among the many third-party tools and applications created by industry vendors and NetSuite partners.  Attend this session and learn about many add-on products, from biometric security devices to retail traffic counters.

Often the best ideas come from your peers. Learn from other successful retailers at the session on Customer Success: Learning from Your Retail Peers. In this open forum, you'll learn the best practices and strategies of other retailers.  And don't forget to attend SuiteWorld's networking events and swap ideas with other conference goers.  

Register now for SuiteWorld and get the inside track on the newest technologies and best practices used by successful retailers. 

-Brenden Jenkins, GM of Retail & eTail Products at NetSuite