We can help ensure successful adoption by all your users by providing access to advanced learning tools as well as on-site training. NetSuite offers a host of training services that meet the educational needs of virtually every organisation. These solutions range from an on-demand library of instructional sessions, to live, customised Web-delivered sessions, or on-site training customised for your specific business environment.

On-Demand Training: The on-demand, e-learning system, for example, gives your staff access to a library of online tutorials, which address the setup and use of our applications. Each session is fully indexed so you can immediately find topics. Streaming audio, video, and screen shots allow you to see and hear the instruction. You can even pause, rewind, and re-play a section. Each online session ends with a Virtual Q&A session, which is continually updated with the most frequently asked questions. In addition, we offer live tutorials via Web-based conferencing, so your team can log in from one or many locations. Each of these Web-based sessions concludes with a live Q&A session, which is designed to address issues specific to your organisation.

On-Site Training: If you decide you need more intensive, on-site training, a member of our Professional Service team, or a NetSuite Partner in your area, can come to your location. Prior to the training session, we will work closely with your team to create a lesson plan that covers topics of importance to your company, at a level appropriate for your audience. We can create a number of small sessions targeted at different user groups, or develop one general training session for all your user groups.

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