Many growing businesses share a common dilemma: their most valuable corporate assets — their business data — are often contained in disparate systems. Uniting your data in one seamless business solution, such as NetSuite Small Business or NetSuite, can help you maximise your productivity, NetSuite's Professional Services team, or a NetSuite Partner, can guide you to extract data from legacy systems, structure data in a coherent hierarchy, and import data into our applications.

We've worked extensively with the leading CRM, accounting, and Web-based products. As a result, we can quickly understand your specific data requirements, map them to your existing data sources, and assist you to unite your data using NetSuite's powerful data import methods. Our team can also help you clean your data, effectively eliminating duplicate or redundant data points. We will then import it into our applications.

Data Services
Best practices data structuring
Data extraction from legacy systems
Data cleanup and manipulation
Data importing

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