SuiteFlow: Workflow management software drives real business change

Workflow Management That Equips Your Business to Keep Pace with Change

Is your business running on hard-to-track paper or email-based workflow and approval processes? Are you satisfied that critical process—driven activities, such as lead follow ups, receivables management or sales discounting approvals are firmly under control rather than being left to chance?

Introducing NetSuite's integrated workflow management solution—SuiteFlow. With SuiteFlow, your business gains the powerful and flexible workflow management that ensures everyone in the business is committed to process improvement and business agility.

With SuiteFlow, you can quickly create point-and-click rules-based workflows that automate, streamline, and improve common business processes—whether you're implementing an efficient automated collections process or creating a strong rules-based lead nurturing process.

Key Benefits

  • Easily create workflows that automate, streamline and improve common business processes across finance, marketing, sales and service
  • Respond to change more rapidly by quickly adjusting business processes and approval chains based on the needs of the business or organisational change
  • Deploy workflows that move your organisation from manual paper and email-based collections processes to automated cash management
  • Drive return on marketing spend with workflows that improve conversion rates by intelligently and automatically nurturing leads
  • Eliminate maverick activity such as rogue sales discounting by implementing strong auditable approval processes
  • Improve performance with dashboards that provide clear visibility into process performance, bottlenecks, and improvement opportunities.

Key Features

  • Easy to Use Graphical Workflow Management

    • Workflow Manager provides a complete graphical point-and-click solution that allows you to build and maintain workflows
    • Quickly assemble rules-based workflows to streamline business processes such as lead nurturing, sales discounting or purchase order approvals, collections management and much more
    • Easily create, view, and edit or manage workflow states, actions, rules, and branching conditions.
  • Powerful Workflow Capabilities

    • Easily specify the triggering events that initiate a workflow, such as when records are viewed, created, or updated—or schedule workflows to run automatically
    • Manage the states the record will pass through in the course of the workflow, and define the conditional actions that will occur when the record enters each state—such as when a marketing lead nurturing email changes from having been sent to subsequently opened.
  • Supports Integrated Workflows that Drive Marketing Results

    • Provides marketers with the rules-based workflow tools to improve lead conversion by automatically managing and driving lead nurturing activity
    • Easily create and manage lead nurturing workflows that automatically send emails and targeted follow ups based on user behavior such as the recipient opening the email or not, and also based on the target's profile
    • Provides the real-time visibility and flexibility to monitor lead nurturing performance and continually adjust the nurturing as necessary to maximise results.
  • Supports Automation of Back-Office Processes

    • Drive cash collection by automating payment reminders via email with rules-based escalation for follow up by the primary customer account manager or dedicated finance collections personnel, ultimately applying a credit hold for egregiously overdue receivables
    • Streamline approval processes across departments such as sales, finance and IT for workflow involving discounting rules, purchasing of corporate assets and travel expenses to increase efficiency and ensure compliance with corporate policies.
  • Clear Visibility into Process Performance

    • SuiteFlow workflows work hand-in-hand with NetSuite's dashboards and analytics providing you with real-time feedback on the performance of business processes
    • Provides the insights you need to change processes, modify business rules and routing as necessary to continually drive efficiency and results.
  • Create and Customise—Without the Upgrade Hassle

    • Create workflows and customisations based on the needs of the business—with no need to worry about the downstream upgrade hassles associated with traditional solutions
    • Any workflow is automatically carried forward with NetSuite's standard automated application upgrades
    • SuiteFlow is built on a proven, mature, flexible and open foundation—SuiteScript. You can even use SuiteScript to create custom actions or call external web services and use them as needed within workflows.

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