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Multi-Channel Order Management

Seamless Order Processing for Improved Efficiency

NetSuite provides an end-to-end multi-channel order management solution that manages all aspects of the order lifecycle and ensures seamless control of customer orders, from order receipt to financial settlement. A full-featured web store integrated directly into your order management system eliminates the errors and time spent manually transferring orders from the web store to inventory, shipping and accounting. Customers, suppliers and your partners always know exactly what's happening with every order. Automated processes and better accuracy means faster orders, more satisfied customers and lower operational costs.

Returns and Refunds

Whether you issue customer credits, refunds or exchanges before or after you receive returned merchandise depends on your business. With our comprehensive returns merchandise authorisation processing (RMA) functionality, you can decide whether to issue refunds or exchanges immediately or after returns have been confirmed received.

Cross Channel Self Service

Improve your customers brand experience and reduce customer service costs by enabling them to access their order information and the ability to perform routine tasks via your web store, including view purchase history, cancel an order, track shipments and manage returns.

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Key Benefits

  • Eliminate errors and time spent manually transferring orders between inventory, shipping and accounting
  • Customise the order management workflow to match your company's businesses processes
  • Fulfill orders from the best of multiple inventory locations to achieve optimal operational efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Integrate order fulfillment with inventory and suppliers to improve efficiency at every step
  • Get real-time visibility into the entire order management process showing orders, trends and order-conversion
  • Improve the returns process with integration between order management and RMA to help control losses due to unwarranted refunds and lost inventory
  • Grow customer satisfaction by providing self-service access to order and delivery information as well as payments.

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