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As a Reseller of NetSuite, SECPay Extends NetSuite's Offerings to its Existing Customers in the UK

LONDON — November 17, 2005 — NetSuite, Inc., the leader in on-demand business management software for small and mid-sized businesses, today announced the availability of a new multi-currency credit card processing option for NetSuite ecommerce customers in the UK. This new feature was made possible through integration between NetSuite and SECPay, the largest independent provider of secure, real-time payment services based in the UK. NetSuite UK ecommerce customers now have more flexibility in choosing a merchant account and payment gateway that meets their needs. Additionally, SECPay has become a reseller of NetSuite. Via this partnership, SECPay will extend NetSuite product offerings to its thousands of customers. The addition of this new integrated offering enriches the NetSuite Ecommerce platform allowing UK businesses to transact online by supporting all major currencies. For more information about the NetSuite SECPay integrated offering and NetSuite Ecommerce, please visit

NetSuite's ecommerce capability enables companies to easily transact business on the Web while automatically linking into internal customer relationship management, financial and warehouse systems. Turning a static Web site into an e-business destination—where products and prices are dynamically updated; inventory is tracked in real-time; each customer is charged their own price level and displayed their own content; orders are taken on a secure shopping cart with fraud protection; multiple warehouses are instantly notified for fulfillment; and customers can track their orders and support tickets—has to-date been a daunting challenge for even the largest companies. It requires the costly and time-consuming exercise of tying together a Web site with separate on-site systems for inventory, invoicing, shipping, customer service, contact management and document publishing.

NetSuite addresses these issues by providing an easy-to-use, low-cost solution that makes the technical challenges of building an online Web store as easy as point and click: from designing, hosting and managing the Web site; to tracking customers the moment they enter the site; to enabling online transactions whether via credit card or purchase order; to automating back-office inventory processes; to delivering unparalleled online customer service such as 24/7 access to order history, package tracking and multi-level support.

With the new multi-currency credit card processing feature, businesses using NetSuite can host their ecommerce sites and display prices in any currency giving shoppers the confidence of knowing exactly how much they will pay. Additional capabilities include: deferred payment processing, partial and full refunds, repeat payments, automated billing, flexible information capture, batch processing and email notification. Credit card processing is seamlessly integrated into the Web store checkout sequence and order entry screens of NetSuite with verification to help protect against the potential for fraud and can be configured to support foreign currency transactions. Upon fulfillment of the order, the settlement funds are deposited into the bank account of their choice. Coupled with the existing integration with WorldPay and VeriSign for credit card processing and the NetSuite-UPS Online Tools and FedEx shipping integration, businesses now have the flexibility to choose the offerings that best suit their needs in conjunction with NetSuite to build a worldwide presence on the Web without the expense and complexity of running multiple Web stores and warehousing facilities.

"We are very excited about our partnership with NetSuite as well as being a reseller of NetSuite," said Mark Feingold, MD of SECPay. "The integrated offering of NetSuite Ecommerce and SECPay allows businesses to run their entire ecommerce operations seamlessly from end to end. Moreover, as a reseller of NetSuite, we are now able to offer a complete ecommerce and business management solution to our customers to help them build their businesses further."

"We're extremely pleased to announce our partnership with SECPay because of the cost-effective solutions it offers our customers to engage in secure online trading," said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite. "In addition, their endorsement of the NetSuite Ecommerce platform to their existing customers who are using home-grown or difficult to manage, piecemeal ecommerce solutions today will provide us with an opportunity to show them the light."


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