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NetSuite Brings First On-Demand Business Management Software to Small and Medium Enterprises

NetSuite Notches First Customer and Partner Wins in Singapore

SINGAPORE—September 8, 2005—NetSuite, Inc., the leader in on-demand business management software for small and medium enterprises, today announced the launch of NetSuite's new office in Singapore to accommodate the growing demand for NetSuite's award-winning product offerings including NetSuite, NetSuite Small Business, NetSuite CRM+, and NetSuite Ecommerce. This is NetSuite's first entry into an Asian country. Its new Singapore office will provide sales, support and consulting to customers throughout Asia. For more information about NetSuite's Singapore operations, please visit:

Founded in 1998 by Oracle CEO and Chairman Larry Ellison and his leading technology guru and current NetSuite CTO Evan Goldberg, NetSuite brings the power of on-demand business management software at low-cost to small and medium enterprises. Ellison, a majority shareholder in NetSuite, is also its "intellectual investor." From the introduction of NetSuite's first product in 1999 to the 2002 launch of NetSuite, the first mid-market integrated CRM/ERP/Ecommerce offering, the company has led the market in creating a new standard in business applications. With thousands of customers globally in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia, NetSuite is the leading provider of integrated online CRM/ERP/Ecommerce application software for small and medium businesses.

"Singapore's excellent infrastructure, supportive government and ease of accessibility to some of the fastest growing economies in the world make it an ideal launch pad for our continued international expansion," said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite. "The Singapore office will be fundamental to our continued growth throughout Asia."

There are approximately 95,000 small and medium businesses in Singapore (source: Gartner Group). The software applications utilised by most of these companies are not integrated to allow business processes to run seamlessly across front and back-office functions. These companies have to operate separate, incompatible software packages to run their business—one for accounting, one for warehousing, one for sales force management and one for customer support. Additionally, the cost associated with managing the software and integrating data from those incompatible systems is high.

NetSuite enables companies to manage all key business operations in a single, integrated system, including customer relationship management, sales and marketing, customer support, accounting, warehousing and product assembly, Web store and Web presence, and employee productivity. NetSuite's flexible tax and financial reporting capabilities allow it to be easily configured for local accounting, legislative and GAAP compliance in countries throughout Asia. And, NetSuite is delivered as an online service, so there is no hardware to procure, and users can access the application anywhere and anytime, further increasing ROI. Finally, NetSuite has also been designed to be easy to use so companies can be up and running quickly.

Also today NetSuite announced customer and partner wins. The customers are from a wide range of industries including Professional Services, Wholesale/Distribution, and Software, including the following:

Blueprint Global Services
"I used to spend 80 percent of my time following-up on sales leads," says Bhavesh Shah, Founder of Blueprint Global Services (, based in Singapore. "Now with NetSuite, it takes only 15 to 20 percent of my time. We're closing more deals, and we're closing them faster. We don't have silos of information anymore. Everything is in one place: the details of the customer's contract, the technical issues relating to the project, the credit terms, and support issues. When a customer calls, we have immediate access to everything we need to know about them. That means better customer service."

SurgiLance Private Limited
"I've been involved in a variety of businesses and industries over the years, but one thing that has remained constant is the inability of software packages to integrate with each other," said Patrick Yi, Group CEO and President, SurgiLance Private Limited (, a Singapore-based company that designs, manufactures and distributes safety medical devices. "As a growing distributor with three worldwide offices and partners and vendors in other parts of the world, we were looking for a system that would handle our inventory, our accounting, and our customer information all in one, Web-based system that we could access from anywhere. For two years, NetSuite has been doing just that, and it is helping our business grow even faster."

"The best part about NetSuite is that it is easy to manage, and we can access our data from anywhere," said Ran Choo, Director at Infield, a Singapore-based wholesale distributor of IT products. "We've been using NetSuite for five months for our accounting and sales operations, and we like it. We look forward to using the product even more as our business grows."

In addition, local value-added resellers have joined NetSuite's Channel Program, including:

Source IT Limited
"We've been doing IT implementations for trading, manufacturing and services businesses in Southeast Asia for nine years, and NetSuite's ease of configuration is better than any other mid-market product we've seen," said Jay Bangia, Managing Director and CEO of Source IT Limited (, a NetSuite Solution Provider in Southeast Asia with offices in Singapore. "Before NetSuite, our customers were getting frustrated with implementations that dragged on, and software that was too expensive up front. NetSuite is a perfect fit for these customers, and we're seeing great results from the multiple implementations we've done so far."

Sansar Solutions
"After running my business on NetSuite for three years in the UK, I decided to resell the product in Singapore as a NetSuite Solution Provider," said Ash Thapar, Managing Director of Singapore-based Sansar Solutions ( "The greatest thing has been the level of support I have received. As both a customer and a reseller, NetSuite has worked hard to address my issues. Most importantly, I've witnessed how NetSuite involves all its users in creating its vision for a user-friendly, powerful yet affordable, on-demand software that enables you to bring out the best in your business."

Pricing and Availability in Singapore
NetSuite's product offerings available in Singapore include: NetSuite, NetSuite Small Business, NetSuite CRM+, and NetSuite Ecommerce. For pricing information, please call (65) 6511 6130.

NetSuite's Singapore office is located at 1 Raffles Place #19-03, OUB Centre.

For more information about NetSuite visit