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SAN MATEO, CALIF., July 10, 2003 – NetLedger, Inc., makers of Oracle® Small Business Suite, today announced Marketing ROI Manager, a new capability that for the first time allows businesses to track marketing campaigns from lead generation through to customer billing. The new capability is integrated with NetSuite's Real-Time Dashboard allowing finance, sales, marketing and company executives to view marketing campaign costs, results and ROI (return on investment) instantly. The Oracle Small Business Suite name is used under license from Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL).

Most stand-alone CRM solutions can track marketing campaigns and lead generation with varying degrees of capability. However, the true measure of the effectiveness of marketing expenditures is in how many customers are produced out of these marketing efforts, what products they have bought and how much. This is where mid-market CRM solutions fall short. When a sales rep goes to generate an invoice and commit the order, they leave the CRM system and enter the order in a back-office financial application, losing all connection to the marketing efforts that generated the lead in the first place.

Because NetSuite integrates both front-and back-office capability in a single system, it is the only CRM solution that enables purchase transactions to be made directly in the CRM system. As a result, the initial source of the lead – an advertisement, press article, direct mail campaign, trade show, Web marketing or search-engine driven inquiry – is automatically integrated with customer billing and purchase.

This automatic lead-to-sale tracking allows real-time, ad-hoc and on-going measurement of marketing effectiveness, including:

  • Which campaigns have the best conversion rates
  • Which messages have the highest conversion rates
  • Which mediums result in the best conversion rates
  • What purchased e-mail lists and search engine key words perform best
  • What specific pricing and product promotions resulted in the most sales
  • Which e-mail messages have the highest click-through rates

"Tracking the demand generation process all the way through to final sale allows companies to focus marketing dollars on efforts that generate not just leads, but sales," said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetLedger. "If a CRM system doesn't include sales invoices – the most important element in a customer-supplier relationship – it makes the processes of finding new customers and supporting existing ones much more complicated."

Pricing and Availability
Available now, Marketing ROI Manager is included at no additional charge to customers who purchase NetCRM, and NetSuite.

For more information about NetSuite please visit our Web site at


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