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NetLedger Solution Providers Strike Gold in Delivering Integrated Front-Office/Back-Office Solutions

Redwood Shores, CA - Partnering for Profit Conference - April 28, 2003 - More than 100 Solution Providers attended NetLedger, Inc.'s second annual partner conference today, to hear from industry leaders, meet with company executives and share their success stories in selling, delivering and supporting the company's integrated application suites. Most of these Solution Providers joined NetLedger's Solution Provider Program within last year, and offer integration services, support services and vertical applications around NetLedger's award-winning products including NetSuite™, NetCRM™ and Oracle® Small Business Suite. The Oracle Small Business Suite name is used under license from Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL).

By every measure - sales performance, customer acquisition, and product development - 2002 was NetLedger's best year ever. The company increased sales by 400%; signed up more than 2,000 new customers; released 4 major upgrades of its product offerings; and debuted its mid-market solutions including NetSuite and NetCRM, which is a testament to the successful execution of one of the most aggressive product plans in the industry. NetLedger Solution Providers have played a key role in the company's success. They have provided important input to the product roadmaps to enable the company's products to gain rapid acceptance in the mid-market and the CRM market. They have also provided an army of implementers to help NetLedger's rapidly growing customer base get up and running quickly. NetLedger's Solution Providers accounted for nearly 20% of NetLedger's billings, an impressive number due to the fact that the company's Solution Provider program only launched in July 2002.

"About one year ago, we set out to do something that no one had ever attempted: delivering ASP software via third party channels," said Zach Nelson, president and CEO of NetLedger. "The companies that have joined us to bring the benefits of low-cost subscription software services to the market are pioneers in their own right. It is exciting to see the success of our Solution Providers in enabling companies to streamline and enhance their businesses with NetLedger's integrated ERP/CRM solutions."

Many growing businesses don't always have in-house IT resources to implement new business systems. NetLedger's Solution Providers help overcome these challenges by offering pre-sales, purchase, and post-sales services-all on-site or locally. For example, prior to a sale, a Solution Provider can conduct needs analysis, system evaluations, purchase options, and product demonstrations. Following a sale, a Solution Provider can continue to offer such key services as implementation, data conversation and migration, customization, process engineering, training, integration, business consulting and on-going service and support.

"Having worked with large ERP systems for many years, we understand the value of providing a state-of-the-art solution to help a company grow its business," said Robert Rudzki, President and Founder of KIBAN Corporation in Pittsburgh, PA. "The difference with NetLedger is we can deliver that kind of solution to companies who normally couldn't afford it or don't take the time to implement complex ERP systems. One of our customers had 65 employees spread across 13 cities and was a joint venture of two multinational companies totaling $35 billion in revenue. The joint venture was asked to run its business using SAP, which was in the process of being implemented by one of the companies. Fortunately, the executive team of the joint venture realized they were essentially trying to drive a tack with a sledgehammer. We told them about NetLedger and how quickly we could implement it, and they were sold. The project was on time and on budget. We all won."

"We are growing our business and saving time simply because NetLedger's Web-based products are easier to implement and deliver than Solomon or Great Plains," said Mike Galloway, Founder and Managing Partner of AAppTech LLC, in Bingham Farms, MI. "The majority of our clients had difficulty managing the technology and costs that came with the larger accounting systems-the servers, the software, the upgrades and the backups. Database setup alone could eat away 40-50 percent of the project budget. But since we became a NetLedger Solution Provider, I have literally cut my time by two thirds. Instead of spending time loading software and configuring hardware, we can show them how to improve their business using the system. In turn we have cemented relationships with our clients such as Palazzi Tile Imports and Niche Retail."

"Partnering with NetLedger has provided us with a constant revenue stream with a solution that literally sells itself," said Rufus Lohmueller, Principal of Lohmueller and Associates, Inc. in Cary, N.C. "Many of our existing and prospective clients running ACCPAC and other mid-market products are becoming increasingly frustrated with their solutions until we told them about NetLedger. The concept of having an application that not only integrates front and back office, but also is available via a Web browser and for a fraction of the standard mid-market software cost, has immediately sold them on the NetLedger solution. They have been much happier since. Our business is benefiting because the NetLedger concept gets us in the door and our ability to quickly implement without incurring additional infrastructure costs closes the deal. That's how we help both businesses grow."

NetLedger Solution Providers are an important part of NetLedger Channel Programs, which also consist of Implementation Partners, and Trusted Advisors. These Solution Providers represent NetLedger's award-winning product offerings including Oracle Small Business Suite, NetLedger Advanced Accounting, NetCRM and NetSuite. NetLedger Channel Programs detail:

NetLedger Solution Provider Program
The NetLedger Solution Provider Program is designed for System Integrators and Solution Providers looking to expand their market reach to small and mid-size customers. NetLedger applications are perfect additions to their product offerings. This program enables NetLedger Solution Providers to generate a significant revenue stream and help their clients run their businesses much more efficiently.

NetLedger Implementation Partner Program
The Implementation Partner Program offers technical service and consulting organizations the opportunity to implement NetLedger Solutions for clients who have already purchased their application suite. Services offered by these partners include data conversion, implementation, customization, training and support. With this program, Implementation Partners can spend more time helping their clients increase sales and less time running their software.

NetLedger Solution Provider Program
The NetLedger Solution Provider Program is designed for System Integrators and Solution Providers looking to expand their market reach to small and mid-size customers. NetLedger applications are perfect additions to their product offerings. This program enables NetLedger Solution Providers to generate a significant revenue stream and help their clients run their businesses much more efficiently.

NetLedger Trusted Advisor Program
The NetLedger Trusted Advisor Program is designed for industry consultants, such as CPAs, financial advisors, accountants and professional service providers who want to stay current on accounting and business-management solution trends. A Trusted Advisor will gain the know-how to leverage the power of NetLedger applications to make informed recommendations to their clients. With this program they can extend their market reach and client base with applications specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses. These powerful, integrated solutions eliminate installation hassles, and integration headaches associated with traditional packaged software. They can ensure maximum customer satisfaction by leveraging fully hosted technology that guarantees every client is always working with the latest version of the software.

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