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FarApp is a "set it and forget it" service that fully automates the interaction between NetSuite and your Amazon Storefront. Once set up, FarApp automatically processes your Amazon orders into NetSuite, your NetSuite fulfillments into Amazon, and your inventory and product updates to Amazon, all in the background. FarApp's Product Mapping allows highly customizable data to be presented to Amazon, both to meet Amazon's data requirements, and to better sell in their marketplace. The architecture of the FarApp services allow us to provide a customized solution that meets your specific requirements without the costs that normally accompany custom software.

Solution FarApp
SuiteFlex Partner Name FarApp.com
Categories E-Commerce – MultiChannel Ecommerce
Pricing $200/mo (all customizations included)
Web site www.FarApp.com/NetSuiteIntegration
System Requirements NetSuite Account with Web Services enabled; Amazon Seller Central Account
Availability Available – Set up may require up to a week
Trial Unnecessary – We bill at the END of each period, starting one month after the go-live date. You only pay if you're satisfied with services received.



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