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EasyOrderlink Pro

EZOrderLink Pro — Full Automation Order Edition

Add automation integration to your Netsuite account!
If you are moving data to and from Netsuite for Orders, Ship Confirmations and Order Status, EZOrderLink offers a full automation solution. Set timers to receive orders and send ship confirmations at specified times with an easy to use scheduler screen.

Automation for Integration with Logistics and Warehouse Providers
EZOrderLink Pro sends your fulfillment center all the order information necessary for picking and shipping (optional). Set the time(s) of day you want this process to run and leave the rest to the full automation of EZOrderLink Pro. Product includes seat license and all the mapping you request including custom fields. EZOrderLink Pro takes shipping information back from your fulfillment center and updates Netsuite with ship details such as carrier, weights and tracking information.

Automation for Orders into Netsuite from your trading partners
EZOrderLink Pro retrieves orders from your partner or shopping cart and places that data directly into Netsuite. No hassle full automation takes the guess work out of it. Once orders are fulfilled, the carrier, tracking number and any other pertinent shipping information is then pulled from Netsuite and transmitted to your partner.

No Subscriptions or Transaction fees!
With EZOrderLink Pro you never pay monthly or transaction fees. Process as many records as you like. EZOrderLink Pro runs on your PC so there is not even a hosting service to worry about. With our product we also insure you are always up to date with the latest release of Netsuite.

EZOrderLink Pro uses any flat file format such as XML, CSV, Tab Delimited, Comma Delimited or even EDI formatting. Unlike EZOrderLink Standard Edition, this is a full automation version so once your schedule is set, you don’t need to move data about manually, it is all done for you!

Solution EasyOrderlink Pro
SuiteFlex Partner Name GIG Consulting
Categories Fulfillment / Order Processing
Pricing $4200.00 — Additional Partners $1393.00 — 20% annual maintenance fee — see site or call for more details
Web site www.ezorderlink.com/ezorderlinkpro.html
System Requirements Windows / Internet
Availability Immediate
Trial Call or visit for a demo 239-677-5422



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